Bush 'deficit reduction' bill could be stopped!

All the while the lefty 'sphere has been working itself into a lather over the (as it turns out - and, as it was always going to turn out) wholly mythical Alito filibuster, the relentless reverse-Robin Hood Bush effort to rob the poor to give to the rich marches on.

The sick joke that is the Deficit Reduction Act I mentioned as having been stalled in the Senate.

It's coming back to the House today.

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SOTUS prebuttal and live blogging tonight by VT Dem. House Candidate

I wanted to post and let interested people know that Senator Peter Welch, the Vermont Dem. looking to fill the seat vacated by Bernie, will post a prebuttal then will live blog on Blog for America.  Sorry if this post doesn't follow site etiquette; I'll try to work on that as we move towards Nov.  If you want more info about Peter, check out his site.   cheers, Will

P.S. Is it just me, or is it a bit funny the myDD's spell check picks out "blog" as a possible misspelling?

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Looking Good on 434

I know this isn't the biggest news right now, but I would like to mention just how well Democrats are doing when it comes to challenging more Republican-held seats this time around. Today, Ken Lucas announced he was going to try and win back the KY-04. He never actually lost the seat. He just retired and then, I imagine, got pretty disgusted when Republican Geoff David took over. With Lucas running, Democrats now have a challenger to every seat in Kentucky, Indiana, and New Mexico, which all have February filing deadlines (source). The other state with a February filing deadline, Ohio, only has one seat that Democrats need to fill: OH-08. Assuming that we get someone to run in OH-08, that will mean that we are already three seats ahead of where we were in 2004. Only the TX-11 eluded us.

This is great stuff. The more challengers we have, the further we stretch Republican defenses. For every extra serious chance we have to win back a seat, and KY-04 adds another one to that column, we stretch Republican defenses even further. Once we have recruitment in place, our lead in generic congressional ballots becomes all the more meaningful. We still have a long way to go, but this far out I definitely like the direction the 2006 elections are taking.

DCCC head not afraid of nationalized election

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Chris Van Hollen told Greg Sargent that he isn't worried about Republicans nationalizing this year's House races:

They’ve got a very tough argument to make,” Van Hollen told me, speaking of Republicans. “If you want to nationalize the election, you also bring in Bush and Cheney. If they do that, they open the door to the question: Why would you give the keys to the guys that drove us into the economic ditch and then refused to help get out of that ditch?”

“If you want to talk about President Obama’s record, you have to recognize that he inherited a mess that was given to us by Bush and Cheney,” Van Hollen continued. “You can’t argue one without having to address the other. We will ask a simple question: How did we get into this mess and what have Republicans done to get us out of it?”

One tricky thing for the DCCC is that making the election about Obama could help some incumbents by driving up Democratic turnout, but many House Democrats in Republican-leaning districts will prefer to emphasize their "independence" from the president's agenda. Most of the 42 Democrats in the DCCC's Frontline program represent more conservative districts.

I do agree that it's imperative for Democrats to remind voters whose economic policies made the past decade a lost one for the middle class while the wealthiest made a killing. Although we can't make this year's election primarily about George Bush, Democrats ran successfully against the "party of Hoover" for many election cycles.

Balance Will Create Brighter Future for All South Carolinians

Our state’s elected officials constantly talk about bringing business to the state.  And, there have been successes:  Boeing, BMW, come quickly to mind. 

But according to a recent CNBC study,* South Carolina is only #31 for Top States for Business.  Our neighbors fared a good deal better:  North Carolina is #4; Georgia is #10.

Being #31 is not a goal to aspire to. 

South Carolina leaders are missing the big picture, the picture our neighbors have not missed.

South Carolina must look beyond one ideology to improve its standing with business.  We must create a balanced approach to promote our state and to increase opportunities for its citizens. 

Balancing the current business-only-driven philosophy is why I’m fighting for working families.  By creating jobs, improving education and supporting our veterans, I will help provide balance for future success.


CNBC, July 2010*


Note: Order changed in this graphic for comparison between these specific states.


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