Rove In Contempt? Say It's So, Nancy!

"Absolutely, 100%, Aye." Such was the enthusiastic vote of Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) today, when the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Karl Rove in contempt of Congress for failing to respond to a subpoena. The committee said that Rove broke the law by failing to appear at a July 10 hearing on allegations of White House influence over the Justice Department, including whether Rove encouraged prosecutions against Democrats.

Rove claims that Congress can't force him to testify because of . . . wait for it . . . executive privilege! Taking the Bush administration's already shopworn privilege claim to newly ridiculous extremes, Rove, who no longer works at the White House, is claiming executive privilege for allegedly illegal activity -- a claim that the Supreme Court ripped to shreds in the Nixon case some 30 years ago.

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Join Conyers, Students at Voting Rights Convention - Not a Candidate Diary

The National Democratic Law Students Council is excited to announce our Third Annual National Convention!  The Convention will be held on the campus of The Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law, in Columbus, Ohio, from February 22nd - 24th.  All (not just law students) are invited!  We are expecting to welcome roughly 200 Democratic law students and guests from more than 40 different law schools.  Our goal is to spread awareness of voting rights issues, provide tools for interest Democratic law students to become involved in voter protection and campaign work, and to energize our guests to get involved in the 2008 election - and to take back OHIO!

The NDLSC is also very excited (read: thrilled) to announce that House Judiciary Committee Chairman and Michigan Democratic Representaitve John Conyers will be the Convention's keynote speaker!  In keeping with the purpose of the NDLSC, Chairman Conyers is expected to speak about his efforts and those of the Judiciary Committee to investigate voting irregularities and safeguard the vote for all citizens.

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Conyers Expanding Staff for Upcoming Probes

by Flirtin with Disaster

Michigan Democrat and chairman of the vaunted House Judiciary Committee, Rep. John Conyers Jr., has drawn up a contract - at a cost of up to $225,000 over the next nine months - to aid committee staff in upcoming investigations into past and present conduct of the Bush administration.

According to an unsigned copy of the contract obtained by the Washington Times, the law firm, Arnold & Porter LLP, based in Washington D.C. will delve into the matter of last year's firing of eight federal prosecutors by the Department of Justice. diaryId=346

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Sage of the Big Apple: A Podcast Interview With Congressman Jerrold Nadler

The topic below was originally posted in my blog, the Intrepid Liberal Journal.

New York State's Eighth Congressional District is a diverse mosaic covering Manhattan's West Side below 89th Street, Lower Manhattan, and areas of Brooklyn including Borough Park, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Sea Gate, Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. Since 1992, Congressman Jerrold Nadler has ably represented the eighth in the House of Representatives following his sixteen years of service in the New York State Assembly.

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BREAKING NEWS on torture/detainee bill

There are some who act as if torture and habeas corpus are serious matters.

Fortunately, your representatives in Congress aren't the sort of milquetoast bleeding-hearts to believe that old malarky!

The fun was most intense yesterday in the House Judiciary Committee (chaired by old man Sensenbrenner).

Working off inadequate information last night, I was so unwise as to conclude on one of Bowers' threads that passage of the administration bill HR 6054 was some kind of masterstroke by the S-Man.

Today, Milbank puts me right.

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