Seeing America Sans Palin

  This is the America that Sarah Palin, the M$M and the Democratic Party all ignore. From Seeing America: Living In A Tent Should Be By Choice

Once or twice a week, Erica  and hundreds of others are forced to pack up everything they own and move their homes. They don't do this because they want to - they do it because there are local laws that the police enforce. This is what happens when you are homeless and have no choice but to live in a tent.

Additional tent city links from Seeing America:

Virginia Beach:

Minns said he knows of at least eight encampments in the city, six of them in Seatack. Some of their residents are veterans who have skills that help them survive in the woods, he said.

"It is surely not fair to Vietnam vets to be living under these conditions," he said.

But in a letter last month, Friedman told Minns there is no short-term solution. Closing an encampment takes a lot of city resources and, as in Strand's case, residents might simply move elsewhere, which creates a new problem.

We're not even close to the end of our tent city tour. Are we having fun yet?

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Welcome To Santa Ana, The No Shit Zone

Santa Ana is assuredly the cesspool of Southern California. There is not a single laundromat or convenience store in Santa Ana that has a functioning restroom available to the public. There is either an "Out of Order" sign or the handles on the hot and cold running water have been removed. In the rare cases where a toilet is functioning, there is no soap or paper towels.

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LIVE! Behind The Iron Curtain

Welcome to Orange County, California, birthplace of American fascism. In polite circles the correct terminology is Behind The Orange Curtain, but I see no reason to mince words. This is the latest entry in my continuing series about homeless Americans in Orange County California. I started the series with a formal declaration of war on homelessness in The Revolution Starts . . . Now and added an update with My Santa Ana Urban Camping Trip.

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Homeless Americans - Estamos Aqui!

March was an interesting month. Since February 23rd I have been wrongfully evicted from the sober living house I was living in, had my unemployment checks hijacked by one or more malicious state employees at the EDD, been intentionally and maliciously lied to by an Orange County employee at the welfare office on Walnut Street when I tried to check on the possibility of receiving a small cash assistance or food stamps and been wrongfully evicted from a hotel where I had paid for a full week.

I'll be providing additional details of my sojourn through the strange world of homelss Americans in the coming days and weeks. For now, a brief summary of my current situation.

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