21st century witchhunt

A leading voice of the pro-Israel lobby is pushing for an old-style "witchhunt"--under the guise of "homeland security"--to identify (and expel) individuals in the U.S. government and our military who are suspected of being hostile to Israel.

The call for a witch-hunt is based on the outlandish thesis that "Islamo-fascists" and Muslim "jihadist" operatives and, perhaps more particularly, their "sympathizers" -- however loosely defined--have infested America's defense, national security and federal law enforcement community.

The witch-hunt was proposed in the fall 2006 issue of the small-circulation--but highly influential--Journal of International Security Affairs published by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). JINSA has been one of the frontline forces in the fanatically pro-Israel "neo-conservative" circles directing foreign policy under George W. Bush. - Link

[Caution: I do not have access to the Journal of International Security Affairs and so cannot verify the veracity of the above quote. I am for the moment taking that information at face value and am obviously worried. I look forward to receiving any a contrario comment.]

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report http://satiricalpolitical.com

As if the rampant lies and deceptions of the Bush Administration were not already of epic proportions, an anonymous source has told The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh that the terror-alert charts used by the Department of Homeland Security were actually prepared for Iraq.

As recently disclosed by The New York Times, the military has used a color-coded chart to display the growing chaos and civil war in Iraq. The chart, titled "Index of Civil Conflict," shows a color-coded bar with "peace" marked on the left and "chaos" on the right. An arrow puts the current situation inside the red area on the far right, much closer to chaos than peace.

Now, it appears that Karl Rove and company "borrowed" the "Iraq terror charts" to scare the bejesus out of Americans about false domestic terror threats, particularly around election time.

However, many independent experts contend that the Administration's "dual use" of the charts was not particularly misleading. As historian Douglas Brinkley asked, "can you think of a better example of chaos than New Orleans during Katrina?"

CONTINUE READING at: http://satiricalpolitical.com/?p=389

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Howard Coble and Homeland Detention Camps (NC-06)

A congressman who heads a homeland security subcommittee said on a radio call-in program that he agreed with the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.
Doesn't that sound horrible? That must have happened a long time ago, right? Wrong.Read more below!

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Getting Paranoid now but October is slipping by

My wife is currently stuck in Nashville having missed her flight because of a hugely long security check line - a similar line she also encountered on her flight out of Seattle. She was told that we are at a heightened threat level. I checked the Homeland Security(this name still gives me the Orwellian heebie-jeebies)Webpage and discovered we are at code Orange.  I also paged through their press releases and discovered 5 high-level administrators have left the agency in 4 weeks.  This seems like a lot of retirements but perhaps this is normal in a huge agency.  My question, though, is what would be the implications of going to threat level red just prior to the election?  Drive down turnout I assume, but by how much and to what benefit.  Other thoughts?  I, for one, did not realize the threat level was so high - I thought we were at Teal or Eggshell or Taupe.

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Support the YouTube Homeland Security Whistleblower

After reading the WaPo article on the YouTube Whistleblower, I hope this statement from the Project on Government Oversight gets the widest dissemination possible:

The formal systems that whistle-blowers are expected to use have failed. That's why you're seeing people be creative like this...This is a tremendous way for someone brave enough to do it to say something directly and not have to go through a filter.

In my humble opinion, "filter" is not a strong enough word: perhaps "impregnable barricade" would be more accurate.

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