Bosnia Girl Calls Out Clinton on Tuzla Lie

Selim Algar of the The New York Post has the story that the little girl who recited a poem on the tarmac at the air base in Tuzla is 'stunned and outraged' that the former First Lady of the United States would make up such a blatant lie.

Emina Bicakcic, now 20 and studying to become a doctor, told The Post she stood on the tarmac at the air base in Tuzla, greeted Clinton and even had time to share the lines of verse she'd written - all without fear of attack from an unseen enemy.

"I was surprised when I heard this," Bicakcic said, referring to Clinton's assertion that she braved snipers upon landing, ducking and sprinting to military vehicles.

Bicakcic goes on to describe the day that she got to read her poem to the First Lady of the United States. Her poem began with the words, "Peace has come", and Clinton, she said, seemed far more interested in her poem than in dashing for shelter.

Bicakcic said she was reluctant to criticize Clinton's account of that day because of a deep appreciation for the US role in ending Bosnia's bloody nightmare.

A picture of the girl's meeting with the then-first lady - signed and inscribed by Clinton - has become a treasured family heirloom.

Still, Bicakcic admitted that she is not supporting Clinton in her contest against Barack Obama.

"I'm staying neutral," she said, declining to discuss the issue further. "I have very mixed emotions about it. It's a difficult situation for me."

Other Bosnians are not reluctant at all to speak out and call Clinton on her lies referring to them as a "low  blow done to gain publicity":

Many Bosnians - still confronted with bullet-scarred and burned-out buildings from Sarajevo to Tuzla - said their very real experiences with violence should not serve as cheap fodder for Clinton's political ambitions.

"It was a horrible lie," said 29-year-old Midhat Efendira.

Like most Bosnians, he expressed a deep appreciation of Bill Clinton for his role in ending the war. But he found Hillary Clinton's remarks intolerable.

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The Clintonistas

Rodham-Clinton is an abomination!

She was one of the worst first-ladies ever; and now that ridiculous woman thinks I'm going to make her my Commander-In-Chief during time of war, the most dangerous war in American history!?  Such chutzpa!!

Let me lay this out so even the delusional left cannot misunderstand:

I defy the most rabid lunatic lefy to name ONE, JUST ONE legitimate credential --  and I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT HEALTH CARE, EDUCATION OR THE CHILDREN -- that old Rodham-Clinton has which qualifies her to be Commander-In-Chief.

For example, let's say OLD Rodham-Clinton was married to a brain surgeon, who traveled overseas to perform life-saving surgeries and she traveled with him.  Let's say she was an ambassador of good will on the trip and many there sang her praises as a result of her effort.

When she returned home, would OLD Rodham-Clinton now be qualified to be a brain surgeon?  

The same question and answer applies to her contention that she "has crossed the threshold" to qualify for Commander-In-Chief; however in the latter case her arrogance is far worse since the country's security is at stake.

The only good news about OLD Rodham-Clinton's candidacy is that it's as good as over and there is NO POSSIBILITY that she will ever again be permitted to bring her stench to the residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It would be nice if you lefties had some capacity to reason; but I suspect your manifest inability to do so will be clear in your pitiful responses to this diary.

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Michelle Obama and WAL-MART

There are many reasons to oppose Obama, whose paltry legislative record disqualifies him for the Presidency.  That he would cite state legislative experience during a Presidential campaign as a qualification already reveals to this voter how underprepared he is for the Presidency. 

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