A Request to the PUMA here (seriously) (update2x)

Writing this diary was a very tough decision and it may go very poorly.  I prefer that we don't start a flame war here and if we do , I will simply delete the thread.

Okay, please read the whole thing before telling me to go f myself.

I know there are PUMA here, some are willing to talk and others are not, but you are here either way.  I have a request, an honest and straightforward one:

When you visit the PUMA blogs, please ask them to stop attacking Michelle Obama.  

After Hillary's amazing speech last night, I thought I would head to several PUMA blogs to see what the reaction was.  I was not surprised to see that they are still not okay with Barack (not the point of the diary, please don't discuss it here), but I was surprised at the vitriol being thrown at Michelle.  Frankly, I was appalled.  Here is why:

The people were using the same frames, same attacks, and the same horrible words about Michelle that the Republicans have been using against Hillary since 1991.  Hillary was a bitch, but now Michelle is one.  The comments only got worse from there. Are you (like the Republicans) that frightened of a beautiful, intelligent, well spoken woman?  

When the party was united under Bill and these attacks were constantly thrown Hillary's way, we stood up and said "bullshit".  Why?  Because attacking the wife is cold, callous, and completely inappropriate.

In conclusion, feel free to hate Barack and/or wish for his defeat that is not the point here.  But please, PLEASE do not attack Michelle and please, PLEASE stop calling her a bitch.  It is a low that you may not be able to recover from.

I would really appreciate if you could cross-post this at the usual haunts, but I doubt you will.  At the very least, when your friends do this, ask them not to and remind them of the 90's.  You can say something like, "we all know Barack is an empty suit, but Michelle is like Hillary: a beautiful intelligent woman.  Please stop attacking her".

Thanks in advance.

Once again, if a flame war starts.  I will delete the thread, which would be sad because I think the message is important.

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Was saving this for when Hillary was declared VP....

Here is an attempt at an olive branch.

Things I admire and like about Team Obama.

1)  They have passion.  When this election started I had very little passion for Hillary.  I felt she was the most qualified and had the best judgement and thought that would win her the race.  Whatever passion I have for Hillary now is an echo of the early passion Obama supporters had for Obama.

2)  Obama is well mannered.  Obama conducts himself in public in a very christian manner.  I think that this is a genuine attempt by him to be the best person he can be.  This isn't me saying he is a great guy.  This is me saying I sincerely believe that he strives to be the best person he can be and that it takes effort on his behalf and that says very positive things about his life choices.

3)  Obama reminds me of Bill Clinton.  As you all know I love Bill Clinton.  Early Bill Clinton wasn't the polished master he is now and he needed Gergen to bail him out.  But anyone that reminds me of Bill Clinton has a lot going for him.

4)  Obama and Michelle protecting their kids reminds me of Hillary protecting Chelsea.  That carries weight with me.

5)  Team Obama is new to power.  I don't think the things that made me the most angry with team Obama will be repeated.  Many of the people supporting Obama did not have an adult perspective on the world in 1988-1992 in the years before Clinton was president and don't understand how much better than the competent Bush Sr.  Bill was.  Many of them did not realize the effects of withholding support if they lost and I believe they are not likely to do it again.  

6)  Team Obama was largely not responsible for the totally slanted media coverage.  MSNBC turning into Obama Nazis was not Obama's fault.  That Fox really was the least biased network was not Obama's fault.  Obama played mostly fair in a situation that was unfair.

7)  Team Obama gave life to Dr King's dream.  Historically this is massive and if it was the only redeeming feature would probably force me to vote for him even if the rest of this list was empty.

8)  Obama did hold back.  Obama could have gone more negative on Hillary than he did.  Now some of his supporters are evil SOBs (jessy jackson jr) but Obama didn't go negative in ways he could have on legitimate issues with the Clintons.

9)  Obama cares about K-12 education in the ghetto.  This is the most important aspect of getting rid of racism.  Give kids good education and let the Obamas of the world make their mark.

10)  Obama picked a good VP.  Biden doesn't deliver a state.  Biden isn't going to be as good on the campaign trail as some others may be.  But Biden is smart.  I credit Obama with picking  a quality VP even though it wasn't Hillary.

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Not PUMA, but undecided

He is a pleasant man, who, without any important qualifications for the office, would very much like to be President.
-Walter Lippmann

The speech that Hillary gave was, in a word, perfect.

However, the question becomes... She couldn't do anything more, but did it work? How effective was this speech in convincing her hesitant supporters to join Obama and the Democratic Party in November?

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Barack Speaks to Hillary After the Speech. (Bill Too!)

There were a few comments questioning Barack's attendance at the speech.  Tradition holds that the candidate does not attend the convention until he has been formally nominated.  Of course he watched and was appreciative.  

After leaving the house party, Senator Obama called and talked for several minutes with Senator Hillary Clinton saying how grateful he was for her support, that she gave a terrific speech and that all those he watched with in Billings, MT were moved by her video and introduction from Chelsea.  Also said he loved her line "No way, no how, no McCain."

Senator Obama also called and spoke with President Bill Clinton for several minutes saying Senator Clinton could not have been better and made the case for change.  Obama said he knew how proud he must have been watching as he was last night watching Michelle speak and how grateful he was for their support.

Several minutes is not just cursory lip-service.  The chat with Bill kinda belies the "bad blood" drama the press are trying to stir.

This has been a very good night.

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Terry McAuliffe to help the Obama Campaign

Wow!  I was stressed out all day awaiting the Hillary speech tonight.  All day long I was setting up my middle school classroom (we start next week here in SoCal) and listening to MSNBC's coverage of the convention.  I worked myself into a mega-depressed state while listening to the pundits and interviews from Clinton supporters (Linda Sanchez and Terry McAuliffe, among others) who were dancing around the issue of whole-heartedly supporting Obama/Biden.  Then I listened to Warner.  Ugh.  He may be good in Virginia, but the speech was flat.  As the buildup to Senator Clinton's speech approached, I kept thinking about McAuliffe and remembering the energy he brought to the '92 and '96 campaigns, and how that was absent now.
Then Senator Clinton superseded all expectations and brought the house down with her speech.  I was feeling really good, but a little nervous still.  However, around 9:24 pm (PDT), McAuliffe was being interviewed by Tweety and Olbermann and he said this, "What I would do if I were Barack Obama, I would put Hillary Clinton, I'd put her in that state (Ohio) for the next 72 days.  She was the champion of Blue Collar, let her get out there and let her bring those voters home."

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