Hillary Clinton giving gay US diplomats equal benefits

Hillary Clinton will soon announce that gay American diplomats will receive equal benefits as their straight peers. This is certainly good news as there's still hope for equal rights to same-sex couples. It is now time for us to pressure this Democratic Legislature and President Obama to expand the rights to all U.S. personals. We've recently seen the expulsion of gay military officers who are translators, air-force members, and so forth and this should stop as it is putting our troops at a higher risk. There are estimated about 3 million gay military members who are serving this nation. Other developed countries have policies in place that do not discriminate gay members. It is time for us, progressives, to actively support equal rights policies.

Hillary Clinton has once again shown us that she can take the heat to do what is right. Let us support her to ensure that this change will go through smoothly.

Link to the story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090523/ap_o n_go_ca_st_pe/us_us_diplomacy_clinton

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Hillary and Barack Cause Spector Switch

Why did Spector switch parties? I am sitting and observing all of the news networks and I believe they are failing to acknowledge what just transpired as one of the best primary season this country just experienced.

The back and forth struggle between Senators Clinton and Obama for six months brought many many many people into the Democratic Party. Their passion, their skill, their cause, focused everyone's attention to politics and this attention peaked during the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary.

After her much needed win in Texas, Rhode Island, and Ohio, Clinton took her message of the middle class to Pennsylvania. She campaigned hard and met Obama every step of the way when it was time to debate the issues. Candidate preference aside, what exactly did Hillary and Barack do for the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania? See the stats below supplied by the Secretary of States office of Pennsylvania:

1.1 million more registered democrats in 2008 than republicans after the primary fight

475,000 more registered democrats in 2004 than republicans after Kerry secured his nomination

More independents, more of those Reagan Democrats, those moderate Republicans, registered Democratic because of our candidates messages. Now, some of you are going to argue that the state has been trending Democratic since 2000, but what this primary did was allow Pennsylvanians and every American, stand up and not cower when we critized President Bush and his policies. Truthfully, could we have done that 2004? No not really, but the first debate with Kerry started that, but that is another posting.

Anyways, what is even more amazing about these numbers, the new registrants are staying with the Democratic Party up until today! And what has happened?

The tough primary battle royale of our Democratic candidates is still being felt, especially by Arlan Spector.

So when the political analysts give their reasons as to why the Senator switched, here is my reason. The two biggest figures of the Democratic Party changed the polical landscape so much of the Keystone State, its Republican Senator has to adapt.

My predication, Senator Spector won't even make through a primary challenge. There will be a Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania in 2010, and it won't be Spector.

We can thank the glorious primary battle President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton.

This is where we are today: Politics can be dividing, but it can be solidifying.

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Mark Penn is wrong again (w/poll)

I saw at Iowa Independent that Hillary Clinton's former pollster and adviser, Mark Penn, is claiming there could have been a "different outcome" in Iowa if John Edwards had been out of the race.

My conversations with hundreds of Edwards supporters suggested that many preferred Barack Obama or one of the longshot Democratic contenders to Clinton. David Redlawsk has data to back up my anecdotes:

University of Iowa political science professor David Redlawsk conducted a caucus night survey on second choices. "We asked people `If your candidate is not viable, what will you do?' 82 percent of Edwards supporters said they would support another candidate and 18 percent would not," said Redlawsk. "When we asked which candidate they would then support, 32 percent said Clinton and 51 percent said Obama. Had this actually happened statewide, Obama would have been even further ahead of Clinton."

"As the campaign progressed few Edwards people gave any indication that Clinton was their second choice," said Redlawsk [...].

I stand by my contention that given the Obama campaign's almost unlimited resources and well-executed strategy, there is little Clinton or Edwards could have done differently to win the Iowa caucuses.

After the jump I have a poll about the worst strategic error Clinton's campaign made thanks to bad advice from people like Penn.

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DNC Raising Money to Help Clinton Pay Off Debts

The following email from the Democratic National Committee under the signature of the party's executive director, Jen O'Malley Dillon, caught my eye this afternoon:

Jonathan --

I wanted to pass along an exciting opportunity to stand up for an important leader in our party, Hillary Clinton.


Now she needs our help. When Hillary agreed to join President Obama's administration, she made the decision to continue her lifelong commitment to serving our country. But with that commitment came the reality that she could no longer be personally involved in paying down the debt from her historic campaign.


As someone who's been around political campaigns and candidates for quite some time, I can tell you that running for president isn't easy. It involves sacrifice, resilience, and an undying commitment to something larger than yourself.

And when President Obama and Hillary Clinton came together after a competitive primary and teamed up to take America in a new direction, they showed millions of Americans that Democrats will always unite to better our country.

Now, as she carries out the immense task of building alliances, confronting global threats, and securing America's position of leadership in the world, let's stand up and show our appreciation for her leadership and commitment to our party:


Thank you,


Jen O'Malley Dillon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

This almost assuredly unprecedented move (it's hard to remember a time in the past when a party committee has raised funds to retire the debt of a cabinet secretary, though if it has happened before definitely jot it down in the comment section) should thoroughly put to rest the concerns of those Hillary supporters voiced so loudly during the summer of 2008 that Barack Obama was not doing enough to thank her for getting out of the race for the Democratic nomination.

Interestingly, Clinton may already be out of debt according to The Hotline (reports the site's blog, Clinton's cash-on-hand exceeds her debts to Mark Penn's firm), so it's not entirely clear just how urgent this fundraising appeal actually is (particularly at a time after a quarter in which the DNC raised $16.85 million to the $25.3 million take of the RNC). That said, viewed in the context of today's news that the President would be hosting a fundraiser for the DSCC and the DCCC this summer, this move can be viewed as another in a long series of party building activities by Barack Obama and his political team.

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"Obama Is Gonna Let Me Go Home?"

My mother was born on January 8, 1958 in Havana, Cuba at the height of the Cuban Revolution. She was the daughter of an Italian-born American World War II veteran living and working in Havana and a Cuban dancer who descends from Spanish and Italian descent herself. (Yes, my grandma was a dancer, still is when the arthritis doesn't act up)

It was not even a year after her birth that my mother, my uncle (her twin brother), and my grandparents moved from Havana to Miami, Florida (then later to Manhattan in 1967). They came to Miami by plane only weeks before Batista was forced from power a little more than two years before the US broke relations with Cuba. My grandfather passed 20 years ago. As lung cancer took him away, my abuela told him she would see him in heaven soon. Grandpa told her "Not until you go home first"

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