NM-01: WashingtonWilsonWatch.com Launches

Matt Stoller wonders why otherwise good Democrats aren't getting tough with their opponents over their connections to Bush and the War in Iraq. He writes in regards to Darcy Burner's opening television salvo:

Notice anything missing?  I-R-A-Q

Notice anything else missing?  Bush.

I think Matt will be happy with the latest media from the Patricia Madrid campaign, WashingtonWilsonWatch.com. More on the flip.

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The Moderate Squeeze

This new radiio ad from the DCCC hits moderate Republican Heather Wilson hard, pegging her for missing votes to attend fundraisers with Bush.  Wilson is part of a band of moderate Republicans that are vulnerable this cycle because of the poor climate for Republicans.

Watch them change their voting patterns in response to the squeeze.  For instance, this corporate, excuse me, 'free' trade agreement with Oman, which passed the Senate with the help of 10 Democrats (Baucus, Cantwell, Clinton, Kerry, Landrieu, Lieberman, Nelson (FL), Nelson (NE), Obama and Salazar), is now going to the House.  It'll be interesting to see what kind of pressure the House moderates are under to vote against leadership on this.  Oman has horrifying labor standards, and has been tagged with real human trafficking (ie. slavery) charges.

Can moderates afford to vote for pacts like this anymore?  It's an interesting question.  

Update: There are some really cool New Mexico blogs, which imaprogressive pointed me to. New Mexico FBIHop, Demfemme, DFA New Mexico, and What Do I Know all dislike Wilson for a lot of reasons, and probably wouldn't characterize her as a moderate. For some reason, when I looked about nine months ago, I couldn't find any New Mexico blogs. There seem to be a lot now.

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NM-01: Wilson Lies to Lehrer

On Monday night's Lehrer NewsHour, Heather Wilson said that Michael Hayden, Bush's pro-domestic wiretapping nominee for CIA Director, was "very, very candid about the [Bush administration's warrantless domestic spying] program, its authorities, how it operates, and so forth."

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Port Security: My Take

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the ports security issue, here's a brief update on the campaign. Last week, Ambassador Joe Wilson and Senator John Edwards visited New Mexico to campaign for Attorney General Madrid.

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Poll in NM-1 (a must-win race) shows toss-up

Democratic challenger, state Attorney General Patsy Madrid, has released a poll taken by Dem polling outfit Lake Research Partners, conducted January 25-29.  It gives incumbent Republican Heather Wilson a lead of 44% to 43% with 13% undecided. (400 calls MOE + -4.9%).  Those surveyed gave Madrid a 62% positive job rating as AG and gave Wilson a 52% positive job approval rating. http://www.madridforcongress.com/node/51 3 Madrid's site has a link to the poll that would not work for me.  There is some discussion here http://joemonahansnewmexico.blogspot.com / as well.

This is a top-tier race that we must win to take back the house.  Nearly every opinion I have read calls this one a toss-up and this poll, along with the fundraising totals, confirms it.  Madrid joined the race in October and raised $432,000 in the 4th quarter, slightly more than Wilson.  Wilson has over $1 million cash on hand, however.  I have to think that Bill Richardson being on the ticket for re-election will assist Madrid as well.  

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