HI-Sen: Akaka vs. Thielen

From the Star-Bulletinbreaking news:

Hawaii's Republican Party has chosen state Rep. Cynthia Thielen to run against U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka in the Nov. 7 general election.
The Republicans were able to pick a candidate after Jerry Coffee won the GOP primary in the Senate race. Coffee, former Navy pilot and Vietnam prisoner of war, had withdrawn from the race over the summer because of a heart attack and heart surgery.

Thielen, a 16-year legislative veteran who represents Windward Oahu, is known as a strong environmentalist who was endorsed by the Sierra Club this year. Thielen ran unopposed this year and was automatically re-elected, so she will not have to give up her House seat to run against Akaka.

The Advertisernotes that:

Thielen is considered a moderate who could appeal to supporters of Akaka's Democratic challenger, U.S. Rep. Ed Case, who lost Saturday's primary.

FYI, Thielen has been a strong advocate for medical marijuana and the hemp industry. Her son Peter is a hemp activist.

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Akaka Up 54.85% to 45.15%

Since I'm up and on the West Coast (and slightly drunk), I'll do a returns thread.  Right now, it doesn't look good for Case.

Akaka (D)     87,102     54.85%     228 out of 353 reported
Case  (D)      71,712     45.15%     228 out of 353 reported

In order to pull this out, Case would need to win around 59% of the vote in the remaining precincts.

Also, voting's going smoothly.

Update (Chris): Akaka wins by about 9.5%. In the House race, Mazio Hirono seems to have edged out Colleen Hanabusa by 800 votes. I have no idea if one or the other or both or neither is the "progressive" candidate. Well done to all. Now it is on to the general election nationwide.

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HI-SEN: Case Supports Bush in Iraq & Guantanamo, and Torture too?

I know incumbent Senator Dan Akaka's primary challenger, Ed Case, supports President Bush and his war in Iraq.  He's one of only three remaining Democrats-in-name-only to back Joe Lieberman's I-bid for Senate in CT.  But this time, in light of Republican criticism of Bush's suggestions to break the Geneva convention, Case's statements go too far.  He says the Guantanamo prison camp is run well. He goes further than key Republicans are willing to go!

Ed Case needs to come clean.  He needs to clarify his stand on torture and the Geneva Convention, in light of the recent Supreme Court decision.  Will he support the President's torture policies?  Or, will he do the right thing and stand by the Geneva Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?  After all, isn't that what separates us from what's humane treatment and what's barbaric?

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HI-SEN: Sat's Democratic Primary & Why You Should Give A Who-Haa...

Did you support Ned Lamont against Lieberman?
It's a reverse of that primary, as Akaka needs your help to STAY in office.  In this primary (on Sat., Sept 23), it's the incumbent, Dan Akaka, who voted against Bush's failed war in Iraq, who spoke out against Rumsfeld's failed leadership, and stands up for veterans.  He's the ranking member of the Venterans Committee, by the way.  All those Vets in Hawaii should want him to stick around.

Like Lieberman, Ed Case supports Bush's war and likes Rumsfeld.  After his trip to Guantanamo, he didn't seem to understand what the fuss was all about.  Oh, and he is supporting Lieberman in his General Election.  You could call Ed Case the Doppelganger for Joe Lieberman, except Ed Case's more conservative.  Part of his strategy is to appeal to Republicans, his real base, because Hawaii's primary is an open one.  That means Republicans can ask for the Democratic primary ballot on Saturday and vote for their friend Ed Case.  That scares me.  I don't think CT voters could do that, right?

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When a representative no longer represents

When a congressman opposes the interests of his constituents, what should be done? Move him from the House to the Senate? I don't think so.

Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka is being challenged by younger (but not youthful) Ed Case, who is giving up his 2nd Congressional District seat to challenge Akaka. Youth and seniority have been hot issues in the local press, overshadowing almost completely any comparative analysis of voting records. One paper this week headlined a battle over which candidate is more "ineffective". This doesn't help voters make an informed decision.

It's not totally about which of the two men is more to the Right or the Left, either. Some actions fall outside this political compass. Rep. Case has angered parents in his constituency through his origination in 2003 of one really bad amendment.

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