Well, I kept my word and did it

I said that if and when Senator Clinton ended her candidacy and endorsed our nominee, Senator Barack Obama, I would donate to her campaign so that she could retire her debt.  Just a few moments ago I did.  I didn't give much, but I don't have particularly much to give.

Let's help her out.  Her campaign owes money to a lot of people who don't need bad debt hanging over them (small vendors and so forth) and if Senator Clinton is to have another shot at this in the future, she cannot afford to be remembered as having shafted so many of those vendors.  I want her to succeed in the party in the future, so let's help her out.

Besides, if a lot of us do it today, it'll be obvious that it came from Obama supporters who want the party united.

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Request for Help

I came back home today to find that my Rec/Rate abilities have been removed. I tried changing my password, as I heard that helps, but I'm still not able to rec or rate. Is there anyone out there who can help me with this?

Furthermore, I hate to jump to accusations that they are trying to silence Obama supporters, so if there are any Clinton supporters who have lost their privileges, speak up and shed some light on this issue!

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Wanna Help? 300 word Pro-Obama Letters Needed...

to submit to Letters to the Editor in North Carolina Newspapers..If anyone is interested please post here. Looking for passion here. Thanks!

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I have a friend has to have meds that cost $900.00 a month
can't afford this her insurance will not cover it how dose she keep in good health if she don't get it i know health care is one of Hillary's great planes but we need to look at the cost of meds also know need for health care if you can't afford the meds to get you better just something that i thank needs help

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YouTube and MyDD.com

I hate doing this but there is no open thread.

I will delete this diary a little later.

I have posted YouTube videos in a diary to MyDD in the past, but I have not been able to do it for some time now. All I get is the 'embed' code showing and no video.

Anyone know why?

Thank you.

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