Guiliani Has 0 Delegates Yet The MSM Is Not Telling Him To Get Out Of The Race

There are 5 candidates still running on the repug side, but you don't see the MSM calling for any of them to get out of the race.  So why is it that John Edwards who has 26 delegates which is 26 more than what Guiliani has should get out of the race??  There are 3 democrats in the race, and all 3 of them should be heard?  Is not my voice important even though I am nobody , and JRE speaks for me.  I am very proud that JRE is a viable candidate, and had a chance to come in second in SC and if it wasn't for the Clintons slime machine doing robo calls smearing JRE he might have pulled it off.  I will say that the Clintons have every right to play the game their way, but I think robo calls is a lot like what the repugs do, and is repulsive to me.

I am calling all JRE supporters to go out and vote for your candidate and make a statement and let your voices be heard.

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Have a little fun with this candidate quiz

I know it isn't too serious, but I thought some of you might be amused by this quiz to find out which candidate you line up with most closely. It is a bit simplistic, but still fun and amusing...
For my part, I am sad to report that I apparently line up most closely with Mike Gravel. shudders quiz.html

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Sick of Obstructionist, Timid Centrists

Could our "liberal" political leaders finally STAND FOR SOMETHING?  With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans???  

When the country is desperate for change, isn't it time for leaders who will... er... LEAD US there?  From the War in Iraq to universal health care to SCHIP to immigrant rights --- why can't we have leaders who believe in something and help persuade the nation, rather than pandering.  

Check out this great cartoon about the spineless pessimists and pragmatists standing in the way of a better future.  

Brought to you from the folks at the Movement Vision Lab

Someone once told me, "We have to meet people where they're at --- but we don't have to leave them there." Same with the country.

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Giuliani Gets Served

After countless days of color commentary and size-80 font Drudge headlines regarding Hillary vs. Rudy, I figured that we'd never get a solid break from the same ol' quasi-incumbent snarkfest.

Until today.

Giuliani spoke today at a forum hosted by a group known as the Republican Jewish Coalition (you can't make this stuff up, folks!). And surprisingly, he took a brief break from chastizing Senator Clinton with this remark about another Democratic candidate:

Quote after the fold...

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Hillary Losing Missouri To Guiliani Now

Hillary Clinton now loses to Guiliani, and Obama does not do any better.  It looks like the negatives are coming back to haunt Hillary.  

Rasmuessen Report has Guiliani beating Hillary by 3 pts now.  He is beating her 45 to 42.

Last time they were polled Hillary was beating Guiliani 46 to 43.  This is not a good trend happening.  Why is Guiliani moving up and Hillary going back down again.  

I think the democrats have a big decision to make on whether they really want to nominate Hillary who seems to bring out the worse in repugs. ontent/politics/missouri_2008_presidenti al_election

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