Republican Gordon Smith is Bad for your Health

Right now, millions of Americans are uninsured and millions more are under-insured. Seniors are having a difficult time being able to afford their prescription drugs. American families can't keep up with the high cost of hospice care and child care. Thousands of Americans die every year because they can't afford to get treatment. Bush and Republicans like Gordon Smith have done nothing but line the pockets of big pharma and the insurance industry at the expense of the health of American families.

Full disclosure, I am the netroots director for OR-Sen candidate Jeff Merkley

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Merkley and his "Fruit from a Poisonous Tree"

Republican Gordon Smith is running the most negative campaign in the entire country. Smith has spent over one million dollars attacking OR-Sen candidate Jeff Merkley. You'd think I wouldn't be surprised anymore with the Smith's campaign constant negative attacks and misleading ads, but today the Smith campaign reached a new low. Jeff Merkley released his rural economic development plan and this is how the Smith Campaign responded:

Jeff Merkley has a 10-year record of trying to beat rural Oregon into submission," Gilbride said. "His lackluster and disingenuous proposal is merely fruit from a poisoned tree. It is not credible for Merkley to propose things he spent a career opposing."


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OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley Up Over Smith Within MOE

A new Rasmussen Reports poll of the Oregon senate race (500 LVs, July 15, MOE +/- 4.5%) shows Democratic challenger Jeff Merkley with the momentum against faux moderate Bush enabler Sen. Gordon Smith. This represents a phenomenal net gain of 11 points for Merkley since Rasmussen's June 11 poll (June numbers in parentheses.)

Jeff Merkley 43 (38)
Gordon Smith 41 (47)

41% is a new low for Smith in this poll and represents the 5th straight month that he has been under 50%. Smith does a little better once leaners are added, tying Merkley 46%-46%, which may indicate that Smith has lost some support among Republicans as he's sought to portray himself as a moderate, hardly distinct from Merkley on major issues.

Merkley has made great gains in favorability over the past month. Whereas in June, Smith was viewed favorably by 58% and unfavorably by 38% and Merkley was at 42% favorable, 38% unfavorable, now it's 53/45 for Smith and 51/34 for Merkley. Looks like in Oregon, the more people get to know Merkley, the more they like him and the more Smith pretends to be a Democrat, the more they decide they prefer the real thing.

To help Jeff Merkley build on this momentum, show him some love over at Act Blue.

Update [2008-7-16 14:20:58 by Todd Beeton]:Rasmussen Reports also finds Barack Obama holding onto a comfortable lead over John McCain in Oregon, 46%-37%.

Update [2008-7-16 14:54:37 by Jonathan Singer]: I think we realizing more and more why Smith decided to knife his good friend John McCain (who was an early and ardent supporter of) in the back by running ads trying to tie himself to Barack Obama...

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Jeff Merkley is Heading to Netroots Nation!

Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley is heading to Austin to attend Netroots Nation! Jeff has always believed that the netroots is a critical part of how we make progressive change in this country. He also knows that upstart, passionate Democratic challengers like Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown need the netroots to defeat entrenched incumbent Republicans like Gordon Smith.

The Merkley Campaign has been gaining momentum in the online community. Not only did Jeff out-raise Gordon Smith this past quarter, he also had an amazing showing online. He raised over $420,000 online which was twice the amount he raised online from all three quarters combined! Pretty amazing isn't it?

Follow me below the fold to find out more about Jeff's visit to Austin...

Full disclosure; I am the netroots director for OR-Sen candidate Jeff Merkley

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OR-Sen: Gordon Smith Clings To Obama

Wow, how desperate is this guy? Incumbent Republican Senator from Oregon, Gordon Smith, who has already tried casting himself as the change candidate against his Democratic rival in one ad, is now actually using Barack Obama to promote his own candidacy, even implying a quasi endorsement with the opening line:

Who says Gordon Smith helped lead the fight for better gas mileage and a cleaner environment? Barack Obama!"

Watch it:

What's funny is that while the voiceover talks about Obama "saying" something nice about Smith, the image actually points to a quote from Smith that appears in a press release on Obama's senate website (although clearly Smith would like everyone to think it's his presidential website) as though the fact that Smith is mentioned on Obama's site alone is akin to some sort of endorsement.

So did Obama actually praise Gordon Smith's leadership on energy? Nope, not anywhere in that press release, he didn't and, quite to the contrary, today the Obama campaign made sure the whole world knows just whom he's supporting for the Oregon senate.

"Barack Obama has a long record of bipartisan accomplishment and we appreciate that it is respected by his Democratic and Republican colleagues in the Senate. But in this race, Oregonians should know that Barack Obama supports Jeff Merkley for Senate. Merkley will help Obama bring about the fundamental change we need in Washington," said Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton.


What makes this even more satisfying is that Smith was an extremely early McCain endorser yet here ends up reinforcing the idea that Obama is the consensus builder that he says he is, which completely undermines two central messages being pushed by the McCain camp: a. that Obama is the most liberal senator in congress and b. that Obama is just a typical politician.

And in the process, Smith himself, rather than coming off as cool or even a team player, instead just ends up looking desperate.

Sort of makes you wonder whose side Smith's ad guy is on.

For more on the man who's going to retire Gordon Smith, check out Jeff Merkley for Senate online HERE.

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