Gordon Smith - gambling with Social Security in Oregon

Gordon Smith likes to gamble - with privatizing Social Security and putting our retirement at risk on Wall Street.

Does not sound like a prudent investment to me.

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OR-Sen: Smith's Undocumented Worker Problem

Stoller catches Smith:

Oregon Republican Senator Gordon Smith owns a food processing company that has come under scrutiny because it was apparently hiring and using undocumented workers.  He denied it ardently, calling the Willamette Week publication that broke it a liberal rag and saying that the company followed stringent hiring procedures and fired any employee who was found to be undocumented.  Well, now it turns out that Smith's company hired one particular undocumented worker for an entire decade (1997-2007) whose status was widely known because in 2000 he was the subject of a local news series on a rare disease.  This series revealed that this worker couldn't get treatment because he was undocumented.

This worker was finally fired in 2007 because his salary hit $9/hour and he could be replaced by a worker who was paid $8/hour.

As Todd pointed out yesterday, Smith's job approval dipped below 40%, and his opponent, Jeff Merkley, is one of the strongest progressive Senate candidates we have running.

It's why we added Merkley to our Road to 60 page, and it's why he deserves our support.

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Oregon Political News Roundup: Gordon Smith the Elitist and More!

Enough has happened in the past few weeks for me to do one of my occasional Oregon political news roundups.  Specifically, the following four stories will be covered:

1. Gordon Smith the Elitist-Smith is revealed to be at least the 10th richest member of Congress.

  1. One expensive movie ticket-The Governator no shows for a Smith fundraiser, choosing to appear via satellite.  
  2. Republican Wingard gets hit for child abuse conviction in new ad.
  3. Democrats continue rise in voter registration.

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OR-Sen: It's a Dead Heat, Why YOU Should Get Involved!

Two new polls out show Democratic candidate Jeff Merkley has caught up to Republican Gordon Smith in the race for Oregon Senate. Yesterday, a Rasmussen poll showed a statistical tie between the two candidates, Smith 46% and Merkley 45%. Today, a Hibbits poll was released showing Smith leading Merkley 42-39, which is still within the MOE.

Full disclosure, I am the netroots director for OR-Sen candidate Jeff Merkley

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OR-Sen: Merkley Internals Show Him Ahead And Rising

Maybe Sen. Gordon Smith should make fewer ads portraying himself as Barack Obama's partner in change and spend more time attending to Oregon's business in Washington, because Smith's job approval rating just keeps plummeting. Back in August, Survey USA found Smith falling to a new low of 38 approve/56 disapprove (a whopping 16 point net drop since May.) Now a new internal Merkley poll from The Benenson Group (702 LVs, Sept. 7-9, MOE +/- 3.7%) (h/t Swing State Project) has Smith down to an abysmal 32/61. And as his approval drops, so does his level of support. For the first time since Beneson has been polling, Jeff Merkley has pulled ahead of faux moderate Bush rubber stamp Smith (August & June numbers in parentheses.)

Jeff Merkley 43 (38, 38)
Gordon Smith 41 (47, 48)

Smith's support is bleeding both to Merkley and to Constitution Party candidate Dave Brownlow who surges from 4% to 6% since last month (10% are undecided.) Conventional wisdom had it that Brownlow would hurt Smith more than Merkley and that appears to be bearing out.

I'll be interested to see of other polls mirror this result. We should be getting a Rasmussen poll of the race soon. Their August poll showed Smith taking a 4 point lead.

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