OR-Sen: Merkley Pulls Ahead!

A new KATU/SUSA poll has Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley ahead of Republican Gordon Smith 46-41. The last SUSA poll taken from September had Merkley up 44-42, which was within the MOE. Progressive Democrat Jeff Merkley clearly has the momentum going into the final weeks of the campaign. This does NOT mean we can let up on this race, not even for a second. It's more important than ever that we rally behind Jeff and make sure that we have a progressive voice representing all of us in the Senate.

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Jeff Merkley: Let's Send A True Blue Democrat To The Senate!

Most of the Senate seats we flipped two years ago, and most we can flip this year, were and are of the red to purple variety. Electing true blue Democrats just isn't easy. But we can do it, in Oregon. The most recent polls show Jeff Merkley pulling ahead.

Are you ready for another true blue U.S. Senator? Please donate to and/or volunteer for Jeff Merkley!

How great is Jeff Merkley?

Jeff Merkley opposed the boondoggle Wall Street Bailout.

As did Barack Obama, Jeff Merkley opposed the Iraq War before it started. He was also the first U.S. Senate candidate to sign on to "A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq".

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OR-Sen: Merkley Vs. Smith Debate Liveblog (+ Bonus Money Bomb)

Goal Thermometer

You guys absolutely rocked the Franken Road to 60 money bomb earlier so let's try to help out our other newest member of the Road To 60 list, Jeff Merkley who's running against faux moderate Bush enabler Gordon Smith up in Oregon.

Tonight at 7pm PDT Merkley and Smith face off at their first debate. It will be streaming live HERE.

Assuming the feed works, I'll be liveblogging the debate and in return, you'll be filling Merkley's coffers at our Road To 60 ActBlue page. Fair deal, right? Let's shoot for 15 new donors to Merkley by the end of the debate.

In the meantime, let's hear it for current Democratic Senator from Oregon Ron Wyden who shot an ad for Jeff.

Update [2008-10-9 22:3:11 by Todd Beeton]:Some great pictures of outside the debate at Sarah Lane's DailyKos diary.

I'm getting nothin on the livestream, which is appropriate since I have been plagues with technical mishaps. Yes, Mercury is in retrograde if you believe in that stuff (and I'm starting to.) So I'll be updating from what I read on other liveblogs. It's so meta.

Update [2008-10-9 22:44:32 by Todd Beeton]:Wow, and here's another interesting srategy of Smith's: oppose windfall profits taxes on oil companies. This is a perfect point of contrast between these two guys. Smith mumbles something about businesses leaving Oregon b/c of protectionism; Merkley says he supports windfall profits tax and that "70,000 living wage jobs exported because of Smith's tax and trade policies." Nice.

Update [2008-10-9 23:4:42 by Todd Beeton]:Smith's McCain moment when asked to name 3 positive things about his opponent's record (via Sarah Lane):

Smith: I think Jeff's daughter is cute even in an ad against me. His wife is nice.

Moderator asks Smith to say something about his voting record. Smith is stumped.

Merkley: One is his support tobacco tax, mental health parity and your support to take on hate crimes.

Smith: Jeff said some nice things about me.

Even the moderator pointed out that Smith wouldn't say anything nice about Jeff. She gave Smith another chance and he couldn't answer. Pathetic. Looking familiar, folks? The Democrat outclassing the Republican.

Update [2008-10-9 23:4:42 by Todd Beeton]:A climate change question and Merkley goes on the attack: "Until very recently Smith didn't believe in global warming." Is that true? And this guy got elected in Oregon? Crike.

Update [2008-10-9 23:4:42 by Todd Beeton]:Over at Blue Oregon commenters are calling this game changing. The stark contrast between the two both superficially and substantively. Of course they might be biased.

Update [2008-10-9 23:4:42 by Todd Beeton]:Closing statements. Merkley: "I have been fighting for Oregon families and workers, kicked out the predatory lenders, established rainy day fund, I'll carry the same battle to the Senate. I'll end the war, invest in alternative energy, education, restore oversight to K street." He also talked about Smith canceling out Wyden's vote "1700 times." VERY interesting line of attack. Smith is boasting about being the 50th most liberal Senator -- right in the middle and Merkley is a liberal (Oh noes!) He also says Merkley would leave rural Oregon behind. That's your case, Gordo? That's all you got. Lame.

Watch Wyden's ad below.

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OR-Sen: Wyden Featured in Ad for Merkley!

Republican Gordon Smith loves to tout his work with Democrats like Senator Ron Wyden, but in the race for Oregon Senate, Senator Wyden wholeheartedly supports Jeff Merkley. Today, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is hitting the airwaves showing his support for Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley in a new campaign ad. More below the fold....

Full disclosure, I am the netroots director for OR-Sen candidate Jeff Merkley

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When will Americans say enough is enough?

For nine straight months, we've lost hundreds of thousands of jobs, continuing to add more and more Americans to the ranks of the unemployed. This month alone we lost 159,000 jobs and since the beginning of the year, we've lost over 760,000 jobs. Unlike Republicans on the Hill, Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley believes a strong economy depends on Americans having access to living wage jobs.

Full disclosure, I am the netroots director for OR-Sen candidate Jeff Merkley

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