F-You MyDD, You just lost my F-ing ass!

Who ever the F censored my diary, F-you and the F-ing horse you rode in.

In what F-ing universe, on a Blog that let stand REAMS of blatant racism against the first black president, that lets incredibly stupid SPAM diaries by concern trolls highlight the rec list, has some dumb-ass front pager seen fit to enforce political correctness by editing out a word they found offensive..get with the program, children, this is 2009. B-slapped is an idiom used without any need to check with the policial correctness police;, but it figures on a site that had HUNDREDS of diaries about "Did OBAMA FLIP OFF HILLARY" would some too cool for school chowderhead decide to wash my mouth out with soap, thanks for correcting an obvious male chauvinist pig like me!

Way to focus on keeping it real!!!

On MyDD? Have you stopped and read some of the piles of steaming content free dung that resides on this site?

http://www.mydd.com/story/2009/9/27/3482 1/2310#commenttop

What, did you read the dairy of the F-ing IDIOT farright democrat over at the palace of racial slime Alegre's Corner and worry your blog was getting a bad name!

Hey, you still have time to write an apology diary to the entire Alegre crew, let them know you are so sorry that one of your bad boy posters offended their delicate sensibilities.

Well that's it, that's the fricking final straw for me.

What a joke.  This of all places choosing THAT to censor.

Maybe if you drive out the rest of the intelligent posters, the folks at Alegre's will forgive you all and come back en masse.

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