Obama releases torture memos, vows 'never again'

Update:Extraordinary NYT editorial The Torturers┬ĺ Manifesto

Excellent, that's why we elected Obama, and it's nice to read the newspaper of record, the New York Times, use the word torture in its news reports.

Good, says Glenn Greenwald: Obama releases torture memos

Few redactions in the Bush-era documents, the president passes a major test

Bad, Bush, Cheney, Yoo, Gonzales, Addington, Feith, Haynes, and Bybee and the whole rotten bunch ought to get the ax before anyone. Says Alex Koppelman: Administration takes one step forward, one back

The DOJ will release disputed memos about torture, but CIA officials won't be prosecuted for waterboarding.

Never again, Obama says below; he has set the record straight, what more can we ask?

Perhaps more facts. And just maybe retributive justice vis a vis exposure won't do anyone any good. Why do we want? Drop acid on these guys' eyes? This isn't Iran.

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Bush's Justice Department Legacy

Here's a good story from the Washington Independent about how all the right wing ideologues are burrowed in at Justice ...

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Politicizing the Government Gets Personal

Now I have an even better idea of what those fired US Attorneys went through.  Why?  Because the US Justice Department discriminated against me because I'm a Democrat:

From the AP:

Report: Justice Dept. passed over Dems, liberals

WASHINGTON - Ivy Leaguers and other top law students were rejected for plum Justice Department jobs two years ago because of their liberal leanings or objections to Bush administration politics, a government report concluded Tuesday.

In one case, a Harvard Law student was passed over after criticizing the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. In another, a Georgetown University student who had previously worked for a Democratic senator and congressman didn't make the cut.

I have good reason to believe that I was one of those "top law students" evidently passed over.

As early as 2002, career Justice employees complained to department officials that Bush administration political appointees had largely taken over the hiring process for summer interns and so-called Honors Program jobs for newly graduated law students. For years, job applicants had been judged on their grades, the quality of their law schools, their legal clerkships and other experiences.

But in 2002, many applicants who identified themselves as Democrats or were members of liberal-leaning organizations were rejected while GOP loyalists with fewer legal skills were hired, the report found. Of 911 students who applied for full-time Honors jobs that year, 100 were identified as liberal -- and 80 were rejected. By comparison, 46 were identified as conservative, and only four didn't get a job offer.

The political filtering of applicants ebbed for the three years between 2003 and 2005, the inquiry found, then resumed by 2006.

Of 602 Honors candidates that year, 150 were identified as liberal -- including 83 who were cut. Five of 28 self-described conservatives were rejected.

I made it through two rounds of interviews for entrance into DOJ's Honors Program in 2002.  I was told I was a finalist for a position, until in the final round I was interviewed by some grey-bearded guy who I had previously never met and who I was told had final say over all Honors Program hires.  There was nothing overly political about the interview, nor did I self identify as a Democrat.  A simple Google search using my name, however, would have easily shown my political allegiances.  Ultimately, they hired someone else.  I'm happy I didn't get the job, as I've found the private sector to be very rewarding professionally (as well as financially).  Still, though, I worked my ass off to get in the door at Justice and am disheartened to find out now, years later, that I may not have been properly judged on my own merits.

I shouldn't worry, though.  I'm sure the crooks responsible are getting what they deserve:

Although federal law prohibits discriminating against government job applicants based on their politics, it's unlikely that any of those involved in the hiring process will be penalized since they no longer work at the department. A Justice official said the department is not considering pressing criminal charges or taking or civil actions against them.

Oh wait.


You can read the full story here:
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080624/ap_o n_go_ca_st_pe/justice_inquiry_hiring

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Prosecutions of BushCorp vs. Obama's pledge to not demonize

I just had  thought. Its become clear that many GOPers, now that Mc Cain is a shoo-in for the Republican nomination, are crossing over to vote for Obama in the primaries "because they hate Hillary" (they say)

Well, remember back to the Clinton administration when (belatedly) the US apologized in a public way for many of the crimes committed by US intelligence agencies, etc. in the past. This terrified many neocons, for obvious reasons.

Well, I was just thinking, could Obama's pledge not to 'demonize' the Republicans really be a CODED MESSAGE TO THE TRULY POWERFUL THAT HE WON'T UPSET THEIR BOATS? that for example, he wont PROSECUTE members of the Bush administration for crminal actions that occurred under the Bush administration, in return for money and assistance getting elected now?

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What about guy who gave Gonzo his orders?

It' beautiful: the Defeatocrats knock off a patsy, Bush gets another patsy ready, he gets to throw a tantrum on the tarmac as if you had just pissed on his geraniums.  Accuses the Democrats of playing "politics." How much can a stomach take?  

The Dems bend over nicely, thunder that the next AG will get a brutal confirmation hearing, but what about the guy who gave Gonzales his orders to subvert the Constitution?  On top of that they don't even have the gump to make Bush give them a reach-around.

The Dems "dragged [Gonzales'] name through the mud." This from the president who took a giant shit on Richard Clarke, Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, ,Sibel Edmunds, Colleen Rowley, John Kerry, and any number of people who had the honor and patriotism to quit their jobs, or in some other way speak out against Bush, meaning, just tell the truth.

If the Democrats don't step in on Cheney with impeachment now, close the distance and go for the jugular, that is all the time Bush needs to prance out of office scot-free and for his law to become the law of the land.  The law that says Americans torture for the fun of it, and are sick animals who will do anything to you.  Sure, the terrorists cut off heads.  But we look like towering homophobes with spike heels, nylons, whips, policemen's hats, and machine guns.  Man, that's sick.

The Law of Bush says you can sweep anyone of us off the street and put us away for good, all in secret.  And if you don't believe there are Brown Shirts out there who will cheer, read these comments.
 They are from a YouTube video showing what happened in Kennebunkport last weekend. These are nice, normal-looking white folks calling for impeachment.  Not anarchist punks in black tee-shirts.

It's now or never for the Democrats.  To take the initiative away from the enemy, as Patton would say, to go on the offense and make them dance to your tune, not theirs.  This is the time for Dems to knock down the central premise that still beguiles many Americans, the notion that Bush is "planting" democracy in Iraq, and that in 40 years he will be vindicated.  The fact is there have been Democratic movements in the Middle East since Mossadeq, and we knocked them down when we didn't get what we liked.  That only empowered the extremists.  The key to a peaceful future is to give moderate movements the breathing space to develop, even within parties like Hamas.  When we bomb bomb bomb, it only serves to equate any attempt to step towards the United States to treason.

Egypt Crackdown Puts Lie to Bush "Democracy Theory"

The day after Bush again piously pronounced his unshakable faith that planting democracy in Iraq will vindicate him in history, the Brits got to see what's really going on.  You've got to hand it to the American media: they'll miss anything if it's important.The Financial Times reported:

A fresh wave of Egyptian government crackdowns against the main opposition movement has been directed against a varied range of targets - a students' "summer camp" on the Mediterranean coast, an evening meeting of senior officials at a businessman's Cairo residence, and the more typical dawn raids on members' houses.

The Muslim Brotherhood, whatever else it may be or not be, is clearly a democratically elected party in Egypt's political system, which means they had to play by the rules and get votes the way we always preach for people to do.   In this case it seems they were actually considering their position on women's rights and other social debates within that faith, the same as Christianity debates the role of homosexuals.  But what you get when you congregate in groups of more than, say, 20, in Egypt is a good beating and a few years in prison.

The CIA's Mike Scheuer (hope you don't find the familiar offensive, Mike.  I've read your book so many times I feel I know you...) says that it's not Al Qaeda that hates democracy, but governments like Egypt.  He says the only reason we have anything to do with these bastards is our oil fix, which gets us into big trouble in the Middle East.  He says in the end that is why we were attacked on 9/11.  

Democracy, George?  What do ya'll know about democracy?  All I see is some punk from Halliburton who decided to make all his friends filthy rich.  What do they care if we get attacked here because they did about the only thing that could make every Middle Easterner hate us?  Invade Iraq?  

The Constitution?  It's just a "goddamned piece of paper." (Anonymously sourced, CapitalHillBlues.com. Could you guys start getting people on the record?  But I believe it...)

Bush's clique has private islands now, private armies, and all the likker and wimin money can ba.  They don't care if thier policies get us attacked. They'll be sheltered behind Green Zones in America. It's like JR Ewing took over America, except JR's people were infinitely more decent.

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