My Meeting With Democrats Abroad in Germany This Weekend

Before I started posting on Daily Kos and MyDD in February I wasn't actively involved with US politis. I knew what was going on, and tried to keep up to date as much as possible, mostly over the internet. Since February a lot has changed. I started posting on Daily Kos and MyDD and reading a lot of blogs like the Swing State Project, Americablog and the Desert Beacon. Two weeks ago I even started my own blog called Turn Tahoe Blue.

Due to my postings on Daily Kos I was contacted by John McQueen of Democrats Abroad. He invited me to one of their monthly meetings in Heidelberg, Germany. I was amazed at the number of people there and touched by their warm welcome.

What touched me even more was hearing firsthand of the frustrations with the current administration and the fight for their right to vote.

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German government bars spying on journalists as scandal grows

In recent days there has been an uproar in the German media about revelations that the German intelligence agency "BND" has spied on journalists in order to crack down on internal leaks.

Today, German Chancellor (and new Bush buddy) Angela Merkel has barred the BND (the German equivalent of the CIA) from recruiting journalists stating that freedom of the press outweighs the BND's interest to protect itself.

After today's new revelations in the US about the NSA tracking journalist's calls, maybe Bush can learn something from his new friend Angela.

Links and details below the fold.

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Breaking News: Gov. Brian Schweitzer pardons "traitors"

Brief post before bed.

Thats right.  Our 'American' governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer, has pardoned 78 Montanans who opposed WW1 and/or refused to buy war bonds.


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