Allen Getting Burned on Both Ends

This Hardball clip is just brutal.

A lot of liberals like to think that George Allen is losing because he's a racist.  That's not quite it.  George Allen is losing because he's weak, and it's showing.  I don't usually quote myself, but I don't usually get it this right.  In mid-August I wrote:

The more I think about this racist episode, the worse it looks for Allen.  SusanG points out that no one on the Democratic side will take this apology seriously.  There's some dispute in the comments about racist appeals in Virginia, and whether racism turns right-wing voters off of a candidate.

Here's the thing, though.  Regardless of whether coded racism sells, apologies for not being politically correct do not.  Think about that for a second.  George Allen just apologized to the liberal media, to liberal bloggers, and to liberal Democrats for being insensitive in matters of race.  

I think Mr. Big Tough Republican just knuckled under to the PC police.

And sure enough, the knuckledraggers are angry that Allen is dragging their beloved Confederate Flag through the muck.

Sen. George Allen (news, bio, voting record)'s use of the word "macaca" for a young man of Indian descent forced him to spend the past six weeks disputing claims that his past is littered with racist language and a fondness for Confederate symbols. On Thursday, the furor came full circle when the Sons of Confederate Veterans turned on Allen.

The organization criticized the Republican for saying he had been slow to grasp the pain that Old South symbols like the Confederate flag cause black people.

"The denunciation of the flag to score political points is anathema to our organization," Brag Bowling, immediate past state commander of the SCV, told reporters near the state Capitol, once the Confederacy's seat of government.

Poor Allen.  Even his racist base doesn't like him anymore.

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Come help film a commercial

You've all seen this video by now.  It was hugely successful at accomplishing its purpose - over 20,000 views on YouTube.  It's time for us to move to tv.  Tomorrow, we will be filming a commercial with higher production values - a commercial for television.  Again, you'll have to trust me on this, but this thing has taken off in ways I never envisioned when I started.  At first it was gonna be a small radio buy.  Now we're looking at some serious tv time.

So we're filming tomorrow.  (Not me personally, but an incredible talent that's volunteered his time.)  We need Virginians willing to appear in the ad to come to the Telegraph Rd. Holiday Inn (2460 Eisenhower Ave. Alexandria VA) tomorrow sometime between 1:30 and 3:30; we'll try to get people in and out as fast as possible, but it will probably take around 45 minutes.  The Holiday Inn is just off the Eisenhower Ave. metro stop.


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Virginia Senate Polling?

When is someone going to come out with some new polling on this race?   Seems like a new Casey - Santorum poll comes out every 5 minutes.   The VA race may be the most focused on race in the nation right now and its been 15 days since the last poll came out.

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George Allen: African-American??

George African-American?

That seems to be the latest Republican talking point.  It goes like this according to two callers in a row on a DC talk radio show this morning.  George Allen's mother is Tunisian, an African country.  That makes George an African-American.  So it must be that when he used the "N-word" it was just locker room banter from an African-American and should not be judged by the same standard as a regular white guy of European descent.

I laughed at first, but the second caller pushed the above reasoning too.  These folks certainly are creative.  By this standard Allen is a white, Jewish, African-American and immune from any charge except anti-Hispanic bias (until it comes out that some of his family was from Mexico

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George Allen Meltdown Rumors

I think it's unlikely, but Virginia blogs are watching for Allen to resign and/or drop out of the Senate race.  Allen's in serious trouble, as is his campaign manager, Dick Wadhams.

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