VA-Sen: Warner Expected Not To Challenge Allen

Via Political Wire, The Washington Post is reporting that Virginia Governor Mark Warner is apparently set to announce tomorrow morning that he will not be running for Senate against George Allen in 2006.

There has been much speculation as to whether Warner would run for Senate in 2006 or for the Democratic nomination for President in 2008. Many have argued (myself included) that sitting out the 2006 Senate race makes much more sense for Warner. Time out of office will allow Warner a great deal of flexibility in travelling the country (or at least between New Hampshire and Iowa), really sharpening a national message.

Buzz has been building about Warner's 2008 plans for some time now. In July, Warner started a federal leadership PAC, Forward Together. Then it was announced that he hired former Gore aide Monica Dixon to help run the PAC. Most recently, MyDD readers learned that our very own Jerome Armstrong will be serving as the PAC's Internet Director.

Mark Warner is not yet officially in the 2008 running. But he's strongly hinting that he's interested. For example, on Saturday night in West Virginia, Warner admitted that he's "kicking the tires" on the idea of a Presidential run. He also laid out a pretty heartening vision of the way he'd run such a campaign.

But in his speech Saturday night, Warner sounded like someone ready to lead the Democratic Party away from the 17-state electoral strategy that proved disastrous for John Kerry in the 2004 election, making it competitive once again in the red states of the South and West.

"Writing off, or backing off your efforts, in the heartland of America isn't just bad politics; it's also out of sync with our values," Warner said. "We're the party that says everyone counts. We're the ones who believe we're all part of one community, one nation - that every person, from every background, deserves a place at the table."

Sounds great. But now who will take on Allen?


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