Give George Allen the Boot

He wears the Marine boots that belong to his son who will soon deploy to Iraq. As James Webb puts it: "I wear these boots every day because every morning when I lace them up, I remember that our finest young men and women are in Iraq serving their country. And they're at risk because of the Bush administration's failed policy and their incompetent management of an inadequately planned occupation."

Webb (and his boots) showed up at a recent gathering, held in the heart of Hollywood. It was a classic, vintage scene: A 1920's stucco mansion with a football field-sized patio and a huge, sparkling swimming pool. Three hundred beautiful people met from 6:00 to 8:00 pm to meet a real hero (possibly their first genuine, non-fiction hero) at the Jim Webb event a week ago Friday night.                          

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George Allen Campaign Manager Retracts Apology

Allen campaign manager Dick Wadhams just put this memo out.  He blames the media, pundits, Democrats, liberal groups, and for Allen's racist gaffe.  He says that it's the Democrats that are playing the race card.

The only person who isn't to blame, in fact, is saintly George Allen, who made a simple mistake for which he should be forgiven.

Reading this memo, it's become clear that George Allen isn't sorry for his racist comment.  Allen put out some soft words to appease those who are uncomfortable with racism, but is also allowing his campaign manager to embrace the full-throated repudiation of that fake apology.  

As long as Wadhams is George Allen's campaign manager, we'll know that Allen stands behind his racist quip.  No longer is this simply a single weeklong story; with this memo, Wadhams has retroactively justified the racist attitude of his candidate, who of course has done nothing wrong.  Since this guy is managing Allen's campaign, Allen clearly agrees.  On the off-chance Allen is genuinely sorry for his comment, Allen would need to fire Wadhams.  It's that simple.

The memo is on the flip.

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Tell Rep Tom Davis to Denounce George Felix Allen's Racist Comments

I am Andrew Hurst the Democratic nominee for the VA-11 House seat, and am calling on Tom Davis (R-VA) (my opponent) to denounce the racist comments that George Allen (R-VA) recently made.

Senator George Allen made a racist comment towards a Jim Webb volunteer that have been covered extensively.  Twice calling American born and raised S.R. Sidarth a "macaca" and saying "welcome to America" to this young man.  You can Watch the video here or read the Washington Post's coverage here.

Sen. Allen's remarks are absolutely inexcusable in this Commonwealth and this nation. Virginia is, of course, the birthplace of the Bill of Rights, a document that should inspire us all to inclusion, rather than exclusion. I encourage Congressman Davis to join myself, my fellow Virginians, and fair-minded citizens across this country, in reminding Sen. Allen of our proud past and our bright future.

I have set up a webpage where you can SEND A LETTER TO TOM DAVIS asking him to denounce the derogatory comments by his Republican colleague George Allen.

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DC Area Events & Much More


1. DC for Democracy (Affordable) Fundraiser, Wednesday August 23

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2006: Darfur as a swing issue? An analysis of the Darfur scorecard

We want Democrats to win. And we want to stop genocide in Darfur.

Can we do both at the same time?

Actually, yes. Voters consistently say that Darfur should be a priority. And a recent scorecard on Darfur showed Democrats leading the way. Detailed analysis inside.

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