America's shame: Israel's inhumane siege of Gaza UPDATE

Robert Naiman, a sometimes diarist at MyDD, posted this diary, Egypt Says It Will Block Gaza Freedom Marchers, on Daily Kos yesterday.

It reports that on December 31, together with more than 1000 peace advocates from around the world entering Gaza through the Rafah border crossing, Naiman is planning to join tens of thousands of Palestinians in a march to the Erez border crossing inside Gaza to protest the Israeli blockade, and to demand that international action be taken to relieve Gaza of its humanitarian crisis.

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Boycotting Israel is anti-Semitic?

A barcode starting with "729" indicates that this product is produced in Israël

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A holiday thanks from the Shministim

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An introduction to the Gaza Freedom March UPDATE

There is probably no better way to introduce the Gaza Freedom March now going on than through this article by the Australian peace activist Antony Loewenstein. Much has passed in the preparation of this international peace assault on Gaza, which is finally coming to fruition.

Jimmy Carter called the siege of Gaza "inhumane" and indeed it is. Everyday the siege kills babies, children, and medical patients while causing misery to the people of Gaza.

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Who will save Gaza's children?

The LINK to the article below is to a British newspaper, the Guardian. We would never expect to read about this inhumane situation in the United States, because it would put Israel in a bad light, but also because Americans as a whole don't seem to care about Palestinians, even though that can be partly attributed to news censorship and pro-Israel propaganda.

Earlier this year, it was reported that over 300 children died in the Gaza massacre. But now we learn that the toll on children from Israel's siege is continuing in the form of rising infant deaths.

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