Why Gay Marriage Matters - One Friend's Nightmare

This is as much a plea for help as a case in favor of gay marriage.  It's long but I urge you to read it through.

I have a friend from Mexico city who I have known for years online.  He's gay, into computers, creative, very intelligent, hard working, well educated, and speaks more fluent English than a great many Americans including the current occupier of the White House.  He met someone online about a year and a half ago who he got to know fairly well and ended up falling in love with.  Here's the email he typed up for his dad to pass on to some lawyers the family knows:

1) As of November 2005 I had begun visiting Jacksonville, Florida on what could be considered a constant basis. My first trip there was merely to visit a dear friend whom I had met on the internet about a year and a half to two years before. This trip lasted approximately three days total.


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My Interview With CA Assembly Candidate Rob Haswell (3)

This is the third part of my interview with Rob Haswell, CA Assembly candidate from the 4th district which stretches from the Sacramento suburbs to Lake Tahoe, for my local blog Turn Tahoe Blue.

You can read part I at Turn Tahoe Blue or the MyDD cross-post.

You can read part II at Turn Tahoe Blue or the MyDD cross-post.

In this part Rob talks about the most pressing issues for the 4th district, preserving Lake Tahoe and gay marriage.

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Even Conservative Jurists Understand

J. Harvie Wilkinson, a Judge on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (notoriously known as the most conservative circuit in country) wrote an op-ed early this week in the Washington Post where he blasts Federal Marriage Amendment.  For those who are unfamiliar, the amendment would codify in the Constitution that marriage is only between a man and a woman.  Thus enshrining in this country's governing document the bigotry and discrimination that government is supposed to guard against.  Next to such iconic phrases as "[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated" and "nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws", phrases that we written to protect the rights of all Americans, will read the words "[m]arriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman."

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Why I wans't part of the 100 Days Canvas/Democratic Reunion

This Democratic Reunion idea was fantastic!!  I've been scouring the blogs for coverage and was not disappointed.  The reception in NJ-3 was pretty good too.  Unfortunately, I could not make it, I have been bed-rested (with my foot high in the air) for a whole week so the canvassing bit is out of the question.

For those of you all who do not know,  Last summer, i ruptured my achilles tendon. Since the surgery, there have been nothing but complications which I'll spare you here.  one thing i will say is that the original incision to fix it has never healed.  That's right: one year on, and i still have a wound that requires 2x daily dressing for the past year.

two of the predicating factors to my injury are worth sharing as the election season heats up and the fight gets really intense:  first of all, I was uninsured at the time of the injury.  My treatment at Cooper Hospital was as a "Charity case" and the level of care wa astonishingly poor.  (the reason I know this is 'cuz i ruptured the

other achilles in 2000 -- when i was insured to the max -- and was fixed up and bipedal again in no time.  Fact is, this unfortunate coincidence allows me to judge first hand the differences of care i received in the two surgerys and subsequent follow up.)

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Gay marriage is so... gay

Last week's tragic congressional defeat of the bill to defend the family, i.e. amend the constitution to ban gay marriage, makes me think of one of my favorite people ever. Mary Cheney. Mary just "came out" with her memoirs, Now It's My Turn: A Daughter's Chronicle of Political Life. Ever the martyr, Mary is doing her part to support an administration that is doing its part to warp The Constitution in the noble name of homophobia. And what is she getting in return? Nothing! Besides a mere advance of one million dollars from Simon and Schuster.

The book reveals a Mary who is so principled, that the president's position on gay marriage gives her "a knot in the pit of my stomach." It must be that debilitating pain from her stomach that prevents Cheney using her role as an out republican to champion the cause of gay rights. The paralyzing knot must be what made her choose to "keep a low profile" i.e. not appear on stage with her dad, and at the same time, run her father's 2004 campaign. Mary's so proud of being "gay," she recalls cussing when Jon Kerry referred to her as a lesbian: "he had used the word 'lesbian,' instead of the more common and politically neutral term 'gay.' " (exactly how self loathing does a lesbian have to be to object to being described as, well, a lesbian?) Shame on you Kerry! How would you like it if someone described you as straight?

Now I have no problems with the gays (see, unlike Kerry, I would never degrade them by using the L Word). Some of my best friends are gay. But I do have trouble believing that Mary Cheney is gay. I don't know what turns people gay, nature or nurture, but whatever it is, if anything could over turn it, it's Dick Cheney's virulence, vitality, and good old fashioned sex appeal. How could a woman turn out gay after being raised by the sexiest, the most charismatic, the most dynamic man ever? I defy any gay woman or straight man to even think about Dick for a few minutes and not at least consider switching teams, or as I like to call it, "pulling a Lieberman." But enough from me. Listen to what these gay comics have to say about gay marriage in this Laughing Liberally video Come see these comics and more Mondays (til August 27th) @ 8PM at the 45th street theater @ 354 West 45th st go to www.laughingliberally.com for tix!


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