How did Gandhi do it ?

I was very angry at Obama yesterday, I am still angry at him today; but somewhat less so.  And so today, I can think at other parallels in history.  There have been other situations where a militant movement for social justice has had to coexist with a peaceful one.  There have been other situations where a militant movement for social justice has evolved into a peaceful one.  Two famous examples of this are India and South Africa.  

Let me use India ~ the example is better documented, and South Africa is much more recent.  The example can best be told by the story of two men: Gandhi and Bose.

I am sure you all know who Gandhi is.  The nerds amongst you may assume that Bose refers to a certain JC Bose, who was a scientist/engineer of remarkable accomplishment.  Some of you may think that the Bose refers to the speakers in your living room.  However, the Bose in this instance refers to a firebrand leader named Subhash Chandra Bose.  Bose and Gandhi overlapped and paralled each other much like Obama and Rev. Wright have. ndra_Bose

Bose was a leader in the Indian National Congress ~ this is the party that Gandhi had joined.  For a long time, Bose was more popular than Gandhi, even within the Congress.  And his suggested path (that of militancy) was favored by most Congressmen over that of Gandhi's peaceful non-cooperation.  Bose was elected President of the Indian National Congress in 1938, despite strong opposition from Gandhi's faction.  It was only later that year that Gandhi managed to get the upper hand, and Bose ended up leaving the Congress party.

History is witness that Gandhi went on to lead a peaceful non-cooperation movement against the British; ultimately resulting in Indian Independence in 1947.  Bose allied first with the Germans, and then with the Japanese.  He raised the "Indian National Army" from Indian POWs captured by the Japanese, and managed to capture small portions of British India before the tide of WW II turned against Japan and Germany.  Bose perished on a flight while enroute from Burma to Japan in 1944.

History is witness that Gandhi's method worked, and Bose's didn't  .  Historians argue whether Gandhi would have succeeded without Bose, but I leave that question aside.

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I am a peacenik

I am a "peacenik" ~ one of those crazy people who believes that war is never justified.

I am a "peacenik" ~ my favorite philosophers are Gandhi, Jesus and Buddha.  In fact, I believe that philosophical discussions should begin and end with Gandhi, Jesus and Buddha.  I am not Buddhist...I tried to follow Buddhism once (the version advocated by Buddha himself, not the watered down ones that is in vogue these days), but had to give up because it was too hard (I could not stop wanting things, and desire is a No-No in Buddhism).  I tried to follow Christianity once (the version that means being like Christ), but had to give up... I ended up concluding that there has only ever been one true Christian, and He is dead.  The rest of us are just pretenders.  Fortunately, Gandhi did not advocate any new religion that I can fail at, and I have become somewhat good at the only 2 things Gandhi ever advocated as "religion".

I am a "peacenik" ~ I have solar panels on the roof, and I marched against the war in 2003.  I believe that Gandhi would have prevented the holocaust if he wasn't in prison, and that he could have walked on water if he had wanted to.

I am a "peacenik" ~ and yet, I have sent money to the HRC for President campaign (and before that, I supported Joe Biden).  My friends often ask me why ?  They both voted for AUMF, how can you support them ?  Why do you not support Obama, who was against the war back then ?

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