Help us KNOCK OUT Republicans in Arizona!

UPDATE! October 27, 2010: We have already raised $15,760 thanks to your hard work and support! Keep us going strong towards our huge $25,000 grassroots goal!

On October 23, just ten days before the November 2 election, the Arizona Democratic Party launched a new online effort and issued a challenge to our grassroots supporters—“10 in 10 for 2010.” We challenged our friends and allies to donate $10 or more and recruit 10 friends to do the same so that we can KNOCK OUT the Republicans in 2010!

We’ve set a huge goal of raising $25,000 online from our grassroots supporters in the last few days before the election. It’s our most ambitious online fundraising push yet—and we can’t do it without you. Our Republican opposition will be watching closely to see if we can make it.

This $25,000 in the final few days of the election will make a crucial difference in our Get-Out-the-Vote campaign so that we can expand the electorate, reach out to voters, and combat the Republican attack machine.

Supported by million dollar checks from their anonymous corporate donors--and parroting RNC talking points on immigration, Obama and Nancy Pelosi--the likes of Joe “Pink Underwear” Arpaio, “Repeal the 14th Amendment” Russell Pearce, and debate-dodging Jan Brewer are counting on deceiving, confusing or scaring Arizona votes into staying home on Nov. 2.

We cannot let that happen.

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Coakley vs. Brown is our wake-up call for 2010

An Obama team and Democratic Party that was so successful in 2008 should not have to struggle to win races like this one in Massachusetts.  Yes, health care, jobs and other legislative initiatives are important, but considering that we can only do as much as we're strong enough to do, elections need to be equally important.  Losing the Governorships in New Jersey and Virginia should have been enough of a wake-up call for our Party leaders. The possibility of losing our 60 seat Senate majority next week should be the last call they should need.

Obama was a community organizer. We broke all kinds of records in voter registration and GOTV in 2008. It's time that our entire Party, from our Leaders down to our lowliest bloggers understood that in order to do what we want to do, we need to be in campaign mode all year, every year.  I hope we're wise enough to spend at least as much time and attention between now and November plotting exactly how we will win more seats in the House and Senate (which, contrary to what too many of even our pundits are saying is quite possible), than we spend immersed in long legislative battles like health care and the upcoming jobs push.

The best way to get an unmotivated base energized is to put us to work. I hope our party leaders start doing that soon, at least with regard to our most dedicated members, so that come November we can focus more on winning than on not losing.

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CA-10: Taking Nothing for Granted

I have a request to our friends in the netroots: remind anyone you know who lives in the 10th Congressional District, a Northern California district that includes portions of Contra Costa, Solano, Alameda, and Sacramento counties, to vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.

In the last 5 days of this campaign, our aggressive phone banking and door knocking campaign will ramp up, but we need more volunteers this weekend and on Election Day. Please check out our Get Out the Vote page to see how you can help. Also, please consider devoting a few hours to remote phone banking.

Our conservative Republican opponent's Tea Party base is hungry for an upset.

The stakes are over the flip...

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Election day in Iowa House district 90

Today's the big day in Iowa House district 90, where Republicans and conservative interest groups are all-in for Stephen Burgmeier against the Democratic candidate Curt Hanson. Polls close at 9 pm Central Daylight Time. Going into this election, Democrats have a 56-44 majority in the Iowa House, and a victory in this rural swing district would be a boost for the GOP. Beth Dalbey wrote a good feature on the campaign for Iowa Independent. Other news from the race:

Democrats had an early lead in terms of absentee ballots returned, and according to the field organizer for the Fairness Fund, efforts to collect outstanding absentee ballots continued through Monday. We won several Iowa House seats in 2008 through big leads in early voting. A strong absentee ballot showing will be crucial for Hanson, because the national political environment for Democrats is less favorable now than it was last November, conservative groups are heavily invested in this race, and same-sex marriage has galvanized the Republican base in Iowa.

Speaking of gay marriage, the National Organization for Marriage has spent nearly $90,000 trying to get Burgmeier elected. It's an astronomical sum to spend in a rural Iowa House district. The group will have to do things differently if they want to get involved in our statehouse races next year:

An out-of-state anti-gay marriage group will likely need to form its own Political Action Committee and disclose its donors if it continues its Iowa activities, a state official warned today [Friday]. [...]

NOM will likely need to disclose future donors if it continues its Iowa activities, Charlie Smithson, the head of the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, warned NOM in a letter today.

"I'm not as much concerned with this particular race as I am that Iowa is not going to become a dumping ground for undisclosed campaign contributions," Smithson said in an interview.  "Anyone can play the game here, but they are going to play within the rules."

The One Iowa blog has more details and a link to Smithson's letter. The bottom line is that the National Organization for Marriage will need to form a PAC that discloses donors in order to spend more than $750 on advocacy activities in Iowa. Click here to sign One Iowa's petition calling on NOM to disclose their funding sources. (By the way, a money laundering complaint has been filed in Maine in response to the way groups including the NOM are funding efforts to overturn same-sex marriage rights by passing Prop 1.)

Yesterday One Iowa and the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund filed a formal ethics complaint against the National Organization for Marriage with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board. The NOM claims to be in compliance with Iowa law.

Jason Clayworth of the Des Moines Register and Jason Hancock of Iowa Independent reported on the disclosure reports filed by Hanson and Burgmeier. The Republican is getting much more help from outside groups, including Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Family Policy Center as well as the National Organization for Marriage.

If you're on Twitter, use #HD90 to find updates from Republicans and Democrats who are involved in this race.

Post any thoughts or election predictions in this thread. I am having trouble making a prediction. This race "should" go to Burgmeier because low-turnout special elections favor the opposition party, and because conservative interest groups have advertised much more in the district. On the other hand, I hear field organizers supporting Hanson on the ground have been doing a tremendous job. The district is also unusual because it includes Fairfield, which has a high number of Green and Libertarian voters. I don't know whether either party has been targeting those groups. I will update this post with my final prediction this afternoon.

Update [2009-9-1 19:39:21 by desmoinesdem]: Volunteers and field organizers are working hard today GOTV for Hanson, but I fear the Republican is going to narrowly win. My wild guess is 53-47 for Burgmeier, but I'd love to be wrong!

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President Obama Sends GOTV Blast To NY-20

If you wondered whether President Obama would shirk from the rabid advocacy for the election of Democrats he exhibited throughout the campaign once elected, we now have our answer. Not only has the president endorsed Scott Murphy and the DNC cut a TV ad highlighting that endorsement and not only has Joe Biden cut a radio ad for Murphy, but today the president blasted his list to get out the vote for the Democrat, complete with online polling place look-up tool.

Hat tip to The Albany Project for the e-mail:

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the day to vote in New York's 20th Congressional District special election, and I need you to go vote.

I wrote to you last week to announce my endorsement of Scott Murphy because we need his kind of leadership and experience in Washington. It's going to be a very close race, and your vote could make all the difference.

Our movement for change has come this far because supporters like you stood up and made your voices heard every time it mattered.

Please look up your polling location and stand up once again for the change we need to bring to Washington.

With Scott in Congress, we'll work together to bring about solutions to our economic challenges and create new jobs in Upstate New York and across the country.

Having created over 1,000 jobs by starting successful businesses in clean energy and high-tech industries, Scott understands the potential we have to rebuild our economy and create a new foundation for prosperity.

That's the kind of partner I need in Washington. Please look up your polling place and vote tomorrow:

Thank you,

President Barack Obama

No wonder the ceremonial lowering of expectations game and the pre-emptive laying of blame have already begun among Republicans:

On the radio with Fred Dicker this morning, GOP consultant Roger Stone insisted Tedisco can "squeak this out," but also suggested it won't be his fault if he doesn't.

One GOP source said internal polling showedTedisco down by two to three percentage points as of Friday, which is about what the last Siena NY poll found, too. That means this could still be anyone's race.

In Stone's eyes, the NRCC will be to blame for pressing on Tedisco a "terrible strategy," adding: "Voters are looking for a fiscal conservative. That's what Tedisco is. He just needed to let the voters know that."

Most observers agree Tedisco's biggest mistake was, as Stone put it, "his attempt to finesse the stimulus bill." (Or, as I like to call it, the Jimmy Vielkind moment).

That put Tedisco on the defensive, and he never recovered - even though he tried, mightily, to tie Murphy to everything that was bad about the stimulus, including the AIG bonuses.

In addition, instead of running positive TV ads to remind voters of who he is, Tedisco opted to go on the attack against Murphy, which only helped raise the name recognition of a man who was a nearly complete unknown at the outset of this race.

Final stretch. Polls open in 9 hours. Help Scott Murphy bring it home.

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