Iran is not building any nukes whatsoever.

In winning the debate over Iran, there is only one talking point you need to remember: Iran is not building any nukes. All of the scientific evidence points to this fact. Iran does not have the capacity to make centrifuges for its own reactor, let alone make weapons-grade uranium.

Donald Rumsfeld talked about the role of the Bush administration in history in his op-ed yesterday. But given the fact that Iraq had no WMD's, given the fact that there is no crisis in Social Security, and given the fact that Iran is not building any nukes, the Bush administration will go down in history as the administration that cried wolf.

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Former Bush Advisor Arrested

The former top Bush domestic policy advisor, Claude Allen, was arrested Thursday on felony theft charges.

The arrest stemmed from an investigation of an incident at a Target store on January 2, Montgomery County police said.

Allen, who lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland, was approached by a Target employee who said he placed items in an empty Target bag and others in a shopping cart, police said in a statement. Using a receipt, he sought a refund for the goods in the bag and left without paying for the things in the shopping cart, the police said.

So this who is advising the president?  It gets even worse.

Bush nominated Allen in 2003 for a seat on the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Virginia. m/bush_aide_dc

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Robert Novak; GOP in rebellion against Bush (W/poll)

   I was reading Bob Novak's column in Human Events this morning, which says the Republican controlled Congress is in full rebellion mode against George the stupid. Novak lists 3 main points of contention, the ports deal, hurricane Katrina, and the budget.
     First, with the ports deal, Republicans feel that Bush is wholly responsible for the current mess, because he kept the deal in the dark, and refused to tell them anything about it. That lack of insight and trust, has caused such a backlash, that many in the party are "seething" with anger. Adding insult to injury, language de-funding the ports deal will be written into upcoming emergency supplemental. Bush would have to veto Katrina funding, homeland security, and the troops, or else, suffer the humiliation of undoing the deal he promised would go forward.

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Trent Lott to Bush: this time it's personal (again)

Back in 02, Bush used that Strom nonsense to heave Lott off the GOP Leader perch.

Perky for some time now, it seems the ports fiasco has got Lott fighting mad:

"I was offended..." He said Mr. Bush "threatened me before I even knew the details of what was involved or whether I was going to vote for the bill or not."

Mr. Lott said his immediate reaction was: "OK, big boy, I'll just vote to override your veto."

Does Lott have some inside information here?

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Rove and Cheney square off in locked cage match.

The Bush administration is now officially in a state of collapse, and they are now looking for someone to blame. I suggest that given Cheney's record-low standing in the polls that Bush and Rove may be planning to throw Cheney to the wolves after the midterm elections. I suggest this possibility because there has been a rash of anti-Cheney stories that are currently posted on Insight, the magazine of the Washington Times.

The most recent of the articles is an article suggesting that Cheney will retire after the mid-term elections. This, after a couple of articles suggested that Cheney, based on "anonymous sources" was taken out of the loop on Bush's foreign policy decisions. We know that Karl Rove is a master of whisper campaigns. I suggest that he is planning to save his own skin. We know that Bush and Rove had a rift after Plamegate broke out. I suggest that they have patched up their differences the best they could and are now working together to tag team Cheney.

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