The GOP: The "Do-Over" Party

Joe Lieberman's gut reaction to losing the primary was to declare a "do-over," by pretending it was halftime instead of the end of the game.  In this his instinct is firmly connected to that of a typical Neo-Confederate Republican.  They've been the "Do-Over" Party (DOP) for a long time.

1996:  Clinton beat Dole:  DO-OVER!  We'll devise some bogus charges so we can impeach you!

2000:  The Florida Supreme Court, ruling on what was exclusively a matter of state election law, held that the ballots would be counted in the manner advocated by Gore.  DO-OVER!  Bush and Scalia, working together, threw law and principle out the window so the U.S. Supreme Court could overturn the Florida Supremes.

2002:  The Texas redistricting plan for the 2000 census does not sufficiently favor Republicans.  DO-OVER!  Tom DeLay and his state-level henchmen perform an unprecedented mid-decade redistricting, yielding Rorschach blot districts putting a lot more Republicans in safe districts.  Upheld by the Supreme Court.

2001-present:  The House GOP announces a deadline for a vote, but when the time comes, they are losing.  DO-OVER!  They hold the vote open until they can twist a few arms and crack a few heads.  Meanwhile, the Senate GOP tries to pass failed legislation by sneaking it on to other bills.

August 2006.  Joe Lieberman loses the Connecticut Democratic Senate primary, fair and square, to Ned Lamont.  DO-OVER!  Joe says it's only halftime.

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"This is Spiritual Warfare"

 I heard that at an evangelical church as an employee. I then looked up evangelical websites, and there it was again in places.

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Not About Real Christians: Only Pseudonyms

Try to imagine somebody who wants power simply because they want power while under a facade of immense insecurity (ex: people `pastor' pleasing, unexamined life), who needs you to agree with them to justify themselves, because they can't stand alone. Historically, the majority of them never cared about other's salvation, they cared about being right and acquiring power. One experience:

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Bloomberg and his pal Jeb Bush: Public Education Must Die

Though I'm a long-time reader and sometime commenter here at MyDD, I've never posted a diary before. But nobody's brought this up yet, and given the recriminations recently over whether you can support Michael Bloomberg and still be a Democrat in good standing, I thought that it was pretty pertinent.

In today's Washington Post, Michael Bloomberg and Jeb Bush have a column - together - on their support for the continuation and expansion of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). NCLB is a law that, as I've been arguing since its passage (offline, mostly), has a pretty basic set of goals: the destruction of teacher's unions and America's public schools.

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VIDEO: Going Up Against Ann Coulter on CNBC

You can watch the video of my CNBC debate with Ann Coulter here in .mov format, and here on YouTube. I cited a bunch of facts that Coulter never bothered to even address, much less refute. For instance, I said that I believed the GOP has overplayed its hand on national security, and that Ann Coulter's declarations calling for the bombing of office buildings in New York, the poisoning of a Supreme Court Justice and the murder of Rep. Jack Murtha make her and the Republican Party sound like terrorists - and the American public is revulsed. Coulter, of course, had no answer - instead doing her best deer-in-the-headlights routine, and then reverting to tired, cliched RNC talking points. Go check out the whole thing - frankly, if this is the best the Republicans have, Democrats are going to really carry election day come November. We are watching the very public implosion of the GOP - and boy is it fun to watch.

(Thanks to Media Matters and reader Ozy for getting the video online!)

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