Imagine: The Future & Edwards

John Edwards probably won't ever be President.  A lot of people who should be won't ever be President.  He will, however, be a key part of the politics of the future.  Barack Obama is going to need John Edwards to accomplish progressive change.  Imagine John Edwards as Attorney General stumping for the Coivil Liberties Resporation Act.  Imagine him and Vice President selling the country on National Health Insurance.

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A New Beginning, A New President, A Progressive Future

As you all know, caucusing begins tomorrow night in Iowa. This is the moment we've all been waiting for. And you know what? This may be the start of something quite special, a new beginning for this nation. Our nation is at a crossroads, and it's time for us to stand up and seize the opportunity to make change happen.

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Number of Democrats Falls to New Low ( WHY No Concern? )

I'm not understanding why this doesn't seem to be an issue , but it is. It's a very serious issue. Over 15,000 were polled and here are the results;

Democrats 35.9 %

Independents or  Non 32.9 %

Republicans 31.3 %

Our party has dropped from 38 % to 35.9 % in the last month. While I am thrilled as pie at the fact that we still have few more Democrats than Republicans , this is still a disturbing trend for our party and I don't get why people are not paying attention. It would be great and worth celebrating , if we were not consistently dropping every month. When you factor in the 4.6% MOE , you come up with a pretty disturbing scenario. One , if not taken seriously, not only threatens our parties chances in 2008 , but our party's future as well.

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NiMH Today

In 1980 Stanford Ovshinsky patented a battery that was supposed to revolutionize the world. A battery that he knew could take almost unlimited charges and discharges, a battery that held far more energy at half the weight of lead acid batteries, a battery whose thermal properties were balanced with metals that combine endothermic and exothermic reactions to prevent thermal runaway, which is an explosive reaction common to the first iterations of lithium-ion batteries. Twenty seven years later those batteries are just beginning to have the impact they promised a quarter of a century ago.

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GM Kills the Volt ......... Vote

The image above links to Plug-In America

It looks like GM, in all its infinite wisdom, has taken the VOLT Vote down. They did so just as the vote was fast approaching the half million mark. On April 7 I took snap shot of the survey and it stood at just under 450,000 votes tallied of which 446,118 said that GM should build the VOLT and another 445,187 voters said to GM that they would buy the vehicle if it were made. Big, big numbers to say the least, however, I was hoping that the vote would reach the psychological milestone of 500,000. There is just no denying a number like half a million votes. If GM ever says there isn't enough demand for alternative fuel vehicles remind them that they can use their fingers and their toes to count. Read on for action.

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