Chinese Factories Closing by the Thousands Leaving Millions Unemployed

Recent news stories have spotlighted that the global economic contraction due to objects and wages finding their real prices has resulted in huge restructuring everywhere, including India and China.

China has been losing jobs for years, even as economic output and productivity increased. For many, jobs are the main or only source of income. But even China's investor class is reeling.

What will the worlds most populous nation do if the economy there continues to shed its human workers? Will social unrest increase, will human workers demand a voice in how their government handles the crisis, like human workers have in the United States?

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Palin and the FUTURE



Democrats, or "Demo-RATS" as I tend to hear us called by William Safire's legacy of vast roaming hordes of blog commentators, underestimate Sarah Palin.

We think her claims of rejecting the "Bridge to Nowhere" -- provably false -- make her a liar.

They don't. She did reject it -- and yet got it anyway. We apprecaite this skill when used by Jedis hiding the droids we may or may not be looking for, why not appreciate it from her?

We think claims of her Energy Knowledge are overstated. McCain after all called her the nation's foremost EXPERT on energy. No one in America "knows more about Energy" he said. And it's true! Because she lives in Alaska, where there is oil in the ground. By that measure, she is also an expert on the wily Arctic Fox. But I digress.

Most recently, us Dumb-o-crats have been focusing on the remarkable claim -- made by Cindy McCain and several McCain surrogates -- that Alaska's proximity to Russia makes Palin an EXPERT in foriegn policy.

MOCK NOT! As Palin herself noted to Charlie "Charlie" Gibson, you can even see Russia from Alaska! And in doing so, you don't just become an expert in foriegn policy, but also in Marine Biology, since you can't help but see the ocean inbetween.

But the Liberal Fact-o-nazis point out that, historically, proximity to a nation does not usually equal workable knowledge of that nation. And some are even pushing some kind of biological argument that the human eye is unable to peer past the 54 miles of Bering Strait seperate our 49th state and the world's largest nation is too far for the human eye. So her claim that you can see Russia from Alaska seems to be a somewhat ignorant comment.

But! LEST YOU FORGET -- there are two rocks in the middle of the Straight, straddling the International Dateline. Big Diomede Island and Little Diomede Island. AND THEY ARE THE MIGHTIEST ISLANDS IN THE WORLD!

Alaska -- and the US -- own Little Diomede Island. With less than 200 people living on the Island, Wikipedia says it boasts a school and a store. However Big Diomede Island, or Gvozdev Island, is empty.

Governor Palin did not say she'd visited the little outcropping that is Little Diomede, but she is right. You can see a Russian Island, Big Diomede Island -- which is uninhabited by any actual Russians -- from Alaskan soil.

However, in doing so, because of the International Dateline, you don't just COMMAND THE POWERS OF SPACE to peer across to another continent, or another nation -- but you peer across TIME ITSELF into the very FUTURE!!! Since the Islands are seperated by 23 HOURS!

It's like the Island on LOST only with fewer Polar Bears -- (thanks to Global Warming, which is NOT MAN MADE, DAMMIT, right? Right?)

So, Governor Palin -- you UNDERESTIMATED the very POWERS you wield as GOVERNOR!!!! You're not just an expert in foriegn policy because you can see an empty Russian rock from an Alaskan Island few have ever visited -- you are a TIME LORD, able to GAZE INTO THE VERY GAP BETWEEN ONE DAY AND THE NEXT. PALIN can SEE THE VERY FUTURE OF HUMANKIND!  

Can you imagine how this would help her leadership? She'd know a full DAY IN ADVANCE if Russia were to put weapons on an empty island in an attempt to threaten no fewer than 170 people -- who, frankly, would likely welcome the excitement.


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HOUND v. PUMA: What Would Hillary Do?

(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama)

Apparently, we have a new round of fighting occurring here at MyDD over "PUMA". Now I know it's easy to just become angry and scream about it... However, I'd like for us to all calm down and really think about what this "PUMA" phenomenon is supposed to be all about. Oh yes, and why don't we think about WHO this is supposed to be all about?

Please follow me after the flip for more...

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How Do I Get into Politics?

I am young.  I am progressive.  I am not yet cynical and I think I can change the world.  Before I get cynical, I would like to make a difference.  

I have thought about it a great deal and would like to get into politics, but I have no idea where to start.  I know that this is a long-term goal so I am not asking how to become a senator now, but how do senators get started?  Do I volunteer for a campaign and work my way up?  Do I find a paying job with a political organization, PAC, DNC, etc?   Do I just run for a very small office and prove myself by being great at my job?

Just a little about me so you can see where I am coming from.  I am a 26 yr. old white male.  I am 8-9 months away from a Ph.D. in chemistry.   After grad school I can go in any direction I want.  I will have total freedom to shape my adult life, but where do I start?

Any and all help, ideas and suggestions would be great.  

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The Genius of Youth

    Young people at times seem to know better. Remember when you were young and the world was fresh you pretty much accepted things as they were but knew they could be better. Meanwhile the adults around you were frantically trying to keep up with the furious pace of change. This simple distinction manifest itself as the generational leap. Those who are stunned by change vs those who accept it and improve on it. Youth rebel against injustice because the irrational justifications for injustice have not taken hold of their reasoning. They do so because they have a fresh view of the world while respecting the core values of humanity. Reproduction is not simply a means of making more people its a way of cleaning the cognitive slate.

    We ought to draw more perspective from the young. Most young people are generally obsessed with popular culture and politically inactive, but the wisdom of few conscientious individuals can be harnessed. The ability well informed young people to recycle our old thinking into a fresh new direction is a tremendous asset. Many young people have ideas that don't see the light of day for decades as they work there way into positions of power. Thoughtful adults can speed up the process. They can reach out to young people and expose those ideas to the light of day so we may all benefit.

     Parents of children are aware of this, but rarely harness it. Teachers are aware of this but rarely harness it. As humanity enters the cognitive age, making a transition from dogma to reason in a more fundamental way. As we reorganize our institutions for the information age, we more so need to harness the wisdom of young minds. In a rapidly changing world the most reliable source of creative insight are young minds. They in 15 years have absorbed much of our superficial nonsense and streamlined it. While we debate which way to go, they see an obvious course of synergism.

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