Father/Son Live Blog - Mike and Jim Slattery, Kansas

Right now at Future Majority we're having a very special father/son live blog.  Jim Slattery, running for the US Senate in Kansas, and his 26 year old son Mike, running for the Kansas legislature, are live blogging at Future Majority.

The Slattery's initial comments are posted in the extended entry.  They'll be with us until 11am Eastern at Future Majority.

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Darcy Burner Live Blogging NOW at Future Majority

Hello MyDD,

Darcy Burner, Democratic Candidate in Washington's 8th District is live-blogging right now at Future Majority.  

Darcy is participating in the Serve with the General competition put together by Democrat's Work.  She's reaching out to young people to help her campaign and to help her win the competition to send General Wesley Clark to her district. Please come by and chat with Darcy about her race, and why she deserves your vote.

Come join us. I've posted Darcy's initial comments in the extended diary.

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Jared Polis Live Blog at Future Majority - NOW

Hello MyDDers,

Jared Polis, Democratic Candidate in Colorado's 2nd District is live-blogging right now at Future Majority.  

Jared is discussing Colorado youth, the challenges of being a young candidate, and his proposals for ending price-gouging by oil companies at the gas pump - an issue I'm sure we all find relevant these days.  

Come join us. I've posted Jared's initial comments in the extended diary.

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Youth to Power: Institutional Memory for the New Progressive Movement

Things have been quiet for me here lately, but there's been a reason for it.  I'm excited to announce that after more than a year's work, my book, Youth to Power: How Today's Young Voters Are Building Tomorrow's Progressive Majority, is finally published, and I've been getting ready for a book tour.

A huge thank you to my publishers, Ig Publishing (a wonderful independent outfit that also published fellow blogger Jeffrey Feldman's books), and all the youth vote activists and researchers  who agreed to be interviewed and helped me along the way.  After the jump I'll let you know why I wrote this book, why I think it's important, and what it's all about.


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DNC Youth Outreach Not Walking the Walk

Cross-posted at Future Majority.

I just finished watching a speech that Howard Dean delivered recently at Johns Hopkins University.  In this speech,  Dean said all the right things about the youth vote. He noted that Millennials are the largest generation in America - bigger even than the Baby Boom - and the most diverse.  That we are turning out in disproportionately high numbers compared to Gen X when they were the youngest generation.  The chairman noted that people choose their party affiliation early in life, and talked about the importance of bringing young voters into the Democratic Party.

For a youth vote advocate, the speech was everything I wanted to hear.  For a former Deaniac, it reminded me exactly why I supported the Governor in the first place.  Yet at the same time, it's disappointing because the DNC is failing to live up to Dean's words.  As Ben Adler (formerly of Campus Progress) notes in an  excellent article in the Politico:

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