IA-Gov: Iowa Campaign Ethics Board to Investigate Jim Nussle

Press release from the Iowa Democratic Party just out:

"The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board voted today to investigate gubernatorial candidate Jim Nussle's campaign for potentially violating state campaign finance compliance laws.

"We applaud the Ethics Board's decision to investigate the campaign filings of Jim Nussle. The board has confirmed our belief that the Nussle campaign engaged in potentially unscrupulous financial activities that misled Iowans. Iowa's campaign finance reporting laws were established to shine a light on the financial activities of candidates for public office, and this investigation will do just that," said Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Milligan.

Last month, the Iowa Democratic Party filed a formal ethics complaint against the Nussle campaign with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board. There are three areas of concern that warrant an investigation into ethics violations:

1. Mr. Nussle's state finance report fails to show any in-kind donations from the federal "Nussle for Congress Committee," while six individuals were simultaneously paid out of both accounts.

2. The development costs of Nussle's gubernatorial campaign website may have been paid for by the congressional campaign account, with no record of an in- kind donation to the gubernatorial campaign account.

3. Three congressional campaign expenditures, totaling $33,839.69 for media-production, were made to McCarthy Marcus Hennings in 2005. The official announcement tour of his bid for Governor was accompanied by a video. However, in the gubernatorial campaign state report there is no report of video or media production expenses to McCarthy Marcus Hennings until two months after his announcement."

You can find the full text of the original letter of complaint below the fold (my original post on the filing of the complaint is here).  I'm glad to see the IECDB is taking this seriously and has now moved to investigate Nussle.  This definitely isn't the type of the publicity the Nussle campaign's been looking for -- since, as Bacon notes, they've been relatively invisible the last month or so.

And I hope to hear Kyle's thoughts on the IECDB's decision to investigate -- he wasn't too optimistic when the IDP filed their original complaint, but maybe this means that the IECDB is serious about enforcing campaign finance laws and will be willing to push for or adopt changes (if, of course, they can get the legislature to issue the changes).

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DCCC , DSCC Money Problems

From the Hotline:

Cmte      Raised     Spent      CoH
RNC       $10.8       $8.9      $40.8
DNC        $6.2       $4.1       $8.9
NRCC       $5.4       $4.3      $20.8
DCCC       $3.1       $2.5      $16.3
NRSC**     $5.5       $2.5      $14.5
DSCC       $3.8       $1.8      $27.4

Combined GOP Cmte Cash-on-Hand: $76.1M
Combined Dem Cmte Cash-on-Hand: $52.6M

The DCCC and the DSCC aren't raising as much money as the NRCC and NRSC.  This is probably because the large dollar donors angry at Dean who flooded to the committees have hit tapped out McCain-Feingold limits, and the smaller donors aren't interested in supporting leaders like Rahm Emanuel who are fighting tooth and nail against a coherent Iraq strategy.

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The Beginning of a Fundraising Success Story

    I’m a student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, but I’ve been very involved in the Marion County Democratic Party (the county directly south of Alachua County and Gainesville.) The Marion County DEC (Democratic Executive Committee, the county party unit of the Democratic Party in much of the south) is like the vast majority of local Democratic parties throughout the nation: disorganized, inefficient, unresponsive, and increasingly struggling for political relevance. It seemed there was no way out, so many were just talking and not doing. Meeting after useless meeting talked about unnecessary subject after unnecessary subject. Problems were discussed, yet no plan of action taken. Leadership seemed distant and sometimes nonexistent.

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Help End Childhood Cancer Tonight

Tonight at hundreds of locations around the country, people will be shaving their heads at annual St. Baldrick's Day celebrations.  This is not some drunken revel (though some of us will be drunk!), but a serious effort to raise money for childhood cancer research.  Already more than $1,000,000 has been raised in 2006 and the event hasn't even started yet!  You can donate here.

In my hometown, North Plainfield, NJ we have more than 40 people getting their heads shaved and have raised nearly $40,000.  Tonight we will collect even more.  I am Council President in North Plainfield, and I convinced six of the seven members -- all of the Demcorats -- to get shaved. It is the second year that a quorum of the Council participated in the fundraiser.  You can donate here.

My 20 month old daughter, who thankfully has had only two sick days in her life and doesn't have cancer, is getting her first haircut tonight.  Not a shave, but a trim!  Already she is learning that collective grassroots action can help change the world.  You can donate in her name here.

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The Republicanists are watching.

Having been privileged to be a part of the Dean movement in 2003, my continued interest in Howard Dean's chairmanship of the DNC is fairly easy to explain. As has been extensively documented here at myDD, Dean has scrapped the big name donors and is actively pushing for fundraising along the people-powered axis, in direct emulation of his fundamentally transformative campaign for President.

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