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As our donations come in over these final days of the second quarter ($40K in the last three days--amazing!), I'd like to make an appeal for two candidates on the netroots page whose districts are in my backyard: Patrick Murphy and Joe Sestak.

PA-08: Yesterday, as flood waters gathered in Bucks County, which makes up over 80% of Patrick Murphy's district, we saw the following local headlines:In his best simultaneous imitation of both George Bush and Michael Brown, from what I understand Fitzpatrick remains in D.C. Perhaps we will get another press release from him where he says that he has done a hecka of a job preventing flooding in Bucks County.

PA-07: Not to be outdone, crazy Curt Weldon wants to be Indiana Jones:It's a scene out of an Indiana Jones movie - or an Indiana Jones parody:

A caravan of jeeps and heavy equipment crawls across the Iraqi desert, headed for a secret location on the banks of the Euphrates River.

Their mission: to dig 25 feet down into the riverbed and unearth concrete bunkers filled with chemical weapons produced by Saddam Hussein's regime and hidden before the outbreak of the Iraq war in 2003.

And who's that, dressed in a safari jacket and a pith helmet, supervising the dig?

None other than our own U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon (R., Pa.), leading a secret mission to unearth the Holy Grail of the war: the weapons of mass destruction that have eluded every other U.S. search team since our troops invaded three years ago.

Does this sound incredible - or ludicrous? Not to Dave Gaubatz.

Gaubatz said that Weldon intended just such an expedition over the Memorial Day weekend, until Gaubatz put the kibosh on it.

Gaubatz, who lives in Dallas, is a former Air Force special investigator who served as a civilian employee in Iraq for a number of months in 2003. That's right, Curt Weldon has personally acquired the information on where the WMD's are! He's done what 150,000 Americans were unable to do over the last three and a half years! Of course, there is no need to ask how he got the information, because the answer to that is simple. He's Curt Weldon, and that is all you need know.


Both of these districts have a partisan voting index of more than +3.0 Democratic. Considering the type of year we are having, really all Patrick Murphy needs to defeat Fitzpatrick and really all Sestak needs to defeat Weldon are the resources to get their names and message out. Whether it is your money or your volunteer hours, you can give them those resources on the combined Act Blue page.

Support Patrick MurphySupport Joe Sestak

NV-Sen - Jack Carter is going to Win

Hi, everyone.  As you know, my Dad is Jack Carter, who's running for US Senate in Nevada.  We've got two days before the end of the fundraising period, and we really want to show some good numbers by then, so please give now if you can.

You may have seen my fundraising pitch last week over at Daily Kos or the diary from my grandpa, Jimmy Carter, a couple of days ago.  I really hope you aren't sick of Carters just yet.  This time around, I thought I'd give you some good motivation for why you should believe in Jack Carter and dig as deep as you can.

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Afternoon Thread

Here is what I am looking at:This is an open thread.

The Next Netroots Candidate: Jerry McNerney

With another fundraising quarter coming to a close on Friday night, it is time for us to reveal the new additions to the Combined Netroots page at Act Blue. Today and tomorrow, Matt, David, Markos and I will all introduce one of the new candidates.

Tonight, it is my great pleasure to announce that Jerry McNerney, the Democratic nominee in the CA-11th, has been added to the combined netroots page.

With the paranoid, tin foil hattery this past week about how Markos and Jerome somehow control the entire progressive blogosphere, Jerry McNerney is an excellent example of how often the people in the netroots set the trends, not their all powerful blogging masters. This is just one case where the rabid flying lambs actually lead us, as we are swept up into a tide created by commenters and lurkers, by local activists both within the netroots scene and outside of it, and by the people of the people-powered progressive movement.

Jerry McNerney is not just the next netroots candidate--he is also the next progressive movement candidate. Already, he has won the Democracy for America Grassroots All-Star voting, and three weeks ago his people-powered campaign comfortably defeated the DCCC backed candidate in a contested primary. He entered politics as part of the 50-state strategy, and because his son joined the Air Force after September 11th. Eschewing the politics of triangulation in favor of a progressive message, he is a wind energy expert who has a Ph.D. in math (I like that).

In November, Jerry McNerney will face ethically challenged Richard Pombo. While this district had a slightly reddish tint to it in 2000 and 2004, the only poll on the race actually shows McNerney ahead (from the subscriber section of polling report):Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (D) for Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund. May 1-3, 2006. N=402 likely voters districtwide. MoE � 4.9.

Pombo Job Rating: 40% Approve, 45% disapprove
Re-elect Pombo: 35% Yes, 52% No, 13% Depends / Unsure
Trial Heat: McNerney 46%, Pombo 42% McNerney is in this with a fighting chance, and the people-powered progressive movement is the reason. In order for him to win, that same movement will have to do the heavy lifting, because he is way down on cash, and the DCCC is not typically eager to jump into races where their candidate lost the primary. That could change, but we need to show that McNerney can really win.

As the second fundraising quarter comes to a close, please help out Jerry McNerney. Also, if you have a blog that will be covering this race that I have not listed on the netroots page, please say so int eh comments.

Number 8: Being the son of Socrates, Zack Space knows a thing or two about ethics.

Our campaign is facing a critical fundraising deadline on June 30th. With your contribution today, we will show Bob Ney and the Washington insiders that the heat is on. During the next 10 days our campaign website will feature the top 10 reasons why we need a change in Washington.

Number 8: Being the son of Socrates, Zack Space knows a thing or two about ethics.

Our government in Washington, DC is broken. Politicians and their lobbyist friends are looking out for themselves at the expense of working families. The circle of deceit between corrupt politicians, lobbyists and special interests must be broken if this country is to address the concerns of working families.

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