Deconstructing a weapon of mass distraction: Immigration

Having spent some time reviewing the leaked conservative talking points on immigration reform put forward by Republican spinmeister Frank Luntz, one can only be awestruck by the right-wings' ability to frame and manipulate an issue. "Respect for the Law &Economic Fairness: Illegal Immigration Prevention" is a brilliant piece of political propaganda. In twenty-five pages Luntz manages to hit upon a multitude of tried and true conservative frames. He starts with some classic "mom and apple pie" themes, such as Security, Law and Order, Personal Accountability and Respect for the Rule of Law. He then adds in some of the conservatives favorite "hidden" themes like racism, the economic victimization of average Americans by liberal policies, minority abuse of social services, minorities receiving "special privileges" or treatment, fear, and of course the new favorite; terrorism. In the end he manages to draw a clear line from Reagans "welfare queen", through George Sr.'s "Willie Horton" right to Tom Tancredo's "invading hordes" all without once having to stoop to ever having to say the words, or true meanings behind the inferences.

Contained in Luntz's blueprint is a virtual laundry list of societal and economic woes he directs his conservative brethren to blame squarely on the influx of "illegal aliens" coming over border.

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