Frank Luntz and the Big Idea

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Frank Luntz's verbal sorcery cannot be trusted. On Sunday, the Washington Post ran an op/ed by Luntz about what's wrong with Republicans and why they seem to be terrible at politics lately. He points to all of the actual reasons -- the war, the budget, the wedge politics -- but he prescribes more of the same behavior for Republicans, asserting that it is what Americans want. I, surprisingly enough, disagree.

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Where's the Dem response to 'slow bleed'?

Chris has just flagged the spread of slow bleed as a description for the Murtha Proviso, linking a Media Matters piece.

MM trace the tag to a Politico piece of Feburary 14 (where I first saw it) - though that's no guarantee, of course, that it was all the journo's own work!

It's not the only one that might have been used - death by a thousand cuts springs to mind, but it's far too cumbersome.

But journos looking for eye-catching names for official documents is no novelty.

(Of course, pols have long got in the act themselves with the absurd acronym-named bills (like the PROTECT Act).)

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A Sneak Preview of Bocotton Stormfield's New Book: Republic Grammar.

Chapter 1. Shrubsville

A pack of sleep dogs stretch and yawn lazily under a stand of tower Oak trees as the little commute train steams out of the Shrubsville station. Spring is here. The beauty Magnolias and Azaleas are just beginning to bloom. The passengers look out of the dirt windows as clouds of brick-red dust blow across the fresh-plow fields. Red Gibson, the engineer, peers out from under the bill of his stripe cap as the train moves slowly down the wind track in the direction of Shooterville. Red is a very tradition man. He remembers the glory days of the Republic Party--the Ronald Reagan days and the Contract-With-America days-- when the Democrat Party knew its place in the scheme of things. "We've come a long ways from Doleton and Gingrichburg," he says to his crust old brakeman. "Imagine the gall of this new Democrat Majority--thinking they have the right to question the Decider on matters of nation security."

Next Week, Chapter 2. Shooterville

(Here's a preview...)

There are many passengers lined up to board the train at Shooterville, most seeking to escape the oppress heat that has come over the rust enclave, especially since the beginning of the ridicule Libby trial...

(To be continued)

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Frank Luntz's Tort "Reform" Talking Points

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Here are some helpful tips for tort "reformers" across the country to help them properly frame their messaging. If this rhetoric sounds familiar to other readers, it's because you've been hit with this messaging on tort "reform" for a number of years now.

This post is just a glimpse into the political playbook of the tort "reform" movement and their political supporters.

The author of these tips is Frank Luntz.

Frank Luntz helped Newt Gingrich put together his "Contract With America" in 1994.

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Where's the Dem 'cut and run'?

A Globe piece saves me the trouble.

When it comes to pithy slogans, GOP rules, Dems drool:

Stephen Hess , a senior analyst at the Brookings Institution, said the phrase is the latest example of Republican mastery of political shorthand.

"Nobody uses a phrase like that in a favorable sentence," he said. "You're never honoring a person for cutting and running. [Republicans] have got a phrase that sticks to your ribs, if you will."

And, just to prove his point, the piece offers this:
"Instead of offering a blueprint for success, the Bush administration has used the Iraq debate to attack Democrats for wanting to cut and run," Senator Jack Reed, Democrat of Rhode Island, said at a press conference yesterday. "This amendment is not cut and run. This is about getting the president to do the job correctly, something he has failed to do."

And Reed is not even on the RNC payroll!

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