How To Win The 2006 Elections in 3 Easy Steps!

We must construct a media narrative that fits with people's "conventional wisdom" and plays on their gut truths in order to win in 2006.

So let's get to the point.  Here are the three narrative steps to Democratic victory in '06:

  1. Republicans control all branches of government.
  2. Government is broken.
  3. Democrats will fix it.
If we can get voters to accept those three basic truths, there is no reason that 2006 won't be for Democrats what 2004 was for Republicans.  Simple enough?

Our goal as a movement should be that every single American believes in this narrative and follows it to its logical conclusion: elect Democrats.

Now let's get more specific:

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A thought on responding to George"Evita" Bush

I was listening to the Evita Soundtrack and there was a line that struck me as particulary apt for responding to almost everything George W. Bush says.  It's in the beginning as Che is recapping Evita's governing days and he says, "She didn't say much but she said it loud."

I think variations on this work for beginning almost any response to George W. Bush.  For instance, a domestic policy speech - we respond by saying, "What you have to admire about George W. Bush is the way he doesn't say much but he sure says it loud.  This was another call for tax cuts for millionaires and corporations.  Those are the only ideas he's got about domestic policy." Or a foreign affairs speech.  "Well, of course he talked about terrorism.  He doesn't say much about actually uniting the world against terrorists because he doesn't have much to say.  That's why he keeps using the megaphone of the Whitehouse to repeat himself."

Just a thought.

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Frameshop: On 'Patriot' Act, Dems Should Use Cindy's Playbook

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As Republicans Talk Of Eliminating 'Wall' Between FBI and Police, Democrats Should Reframe Debate By Demanding To 'Meet With The President'

In the debate to renew the Patriot Act, Democrats are losing because they are not framing the debate on their terms.  The current debate is being framed by the President and his allies in Congress.  They are winning the debate by talking about a 'wall' that exists between police and the FBI or CIA.  This 'wall' is a magic word that is being repeated over and over again, defining a frame that helps the President achieve his agenda on the Patriot Act.

To respond, the Democrats must set their own frame, use their own magic word.  But what should that be?

Democrats should reframe debate in terms that make sense to the American people:  Security is about working together.  The first  step to working together:  The President  should meet with Senators seeking to clarify the Patriot Act.  "Mr. President:  For the Security of the American people -- Sit down with us."

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Rovian rules & SOTU: Pysch of propaganda

Bush's speech last night was a prime example of applied cognitive psychology and the science of communication, linguistics and propaganda.  While much of the speech was very humdrum - the listing of Clinton-esque programs and a series of claims for how well things are going and how things should go, or why they should go one way or another.  The following are examples from three applications of the Rovian Rules for Effective Communication (humdrum removed).

  1. Rovian Rule: Thou shalt associate one's own weakness with thy enemy's great moral stances
  2. Rovian Rule: Thou shalt create false categories
  3. Rovian Rule: Thou shalt speak in the logic of false dichotomies

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How WE should respond to the SOTU - "Fool me once, shame on you..."

Today, President Bush will deliver his State of the Union and one of his major themes will be "Let's Work Together." WE CAN BEAT HIM ON THIS!  Everyone repeat after me and keep repeating after me until the Traditional Media picks up on our narrative.

The president once said in a speech:
Fool me once, shame on... shame on you.
You fool me... you can't get fooled again.
We agree Mr. President. Democrats tried to pass legislation to strengthen American families but The Republican House has locked Democrats out of debate.  Democrats tried to punish corruption but the Republican Senate has threatened away to take away our right to speak. Democrats trusted the President to command our armed forces but he misled us into the Iraq mess and couldn't even handle the threat of a hurricane that was forecasted a week in advance.

We won't get fooled again Mr. President.  It's time that America have a government it can trust to work for the benefits of ordinary Americans and to, above all, always tell the truth to Americans.  Enough is enough and it's time for a change.

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