A Fantasy of Authenticity, or Why Judge Judy Is Smarter Than the DNC Is

That the Democrats are somewhat lacking in the Reagan-esque power of passionate and convincing speech-making is certainly not breaking news. However, it seems more and more these days that the Democrats are becoming even less articulate...for a perfect example, look no further than Joe Biden's embarrassingly nebulous pontifications during the Alito hearings. Undoubtedly, the power of potent speech-making has helped earn support throughout history for statesmen who were lacking otherwise in other areas, such as Mr. Reagan, whose often unrealistically grandiose political ideas were more Hollywood than Washington. Democrats, however, can take some heart in having politicos of the ilk of Russ Feingold and Bill Clinton around...unfortunately, though, these straight-shooters often seem to be lost amidst a jungle of John Kerry-s...

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Speaking In Code About Impeachment As an Election Issue

I notice that portions of the lefty blogosphere seems fired up over the idea of impeaching Bush.  Some have argued that impeachment is a bad idea under the current climate.  Saner heads have come out to say that impeachment isn't a good campaign platform.  And they are right, it isn't, but in a way, it also is.

I argue instead that talking about impeachment publicly using the "I" word is the wrong way to go about things and is typical of the left's occasional desire to lead with the heart rather than making calculated, pragmatic, strategic decisions.

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What we believe: The Seven Commandments.

The Bush administration is in a state of collapse. Around the country, people are starting to talk about the need to impeach and remove Bush from office. Many of these people, like the one-time Republicans described here are, like William Buckley, totally lost and devoid of answers. Especially in Red or Purple areas, everybody will know who the resident liberal is - even if you have never said a word about it.

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Frameshop: 'Impeachment'

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U.S. Ports Security Scandal Leads To Talk Of Impeachment, Media Runs With Story For First Time

Two weeks ago, nobody would have believed that a back page business deal between foreign companies would ignite  a mainstream media, national debate about impeaching the President. But it looks like that is where we are headed.

Out of curiosity, after listening to Lou Dobbs' inspired coverage of the controversial ports affair, I ran a search on Google News--just on a hunch--to see how many news stories I would get when I entered 'impeach' and 'Bush.'  The search brought back 394 articles.  The next day, it brought back 413.  The number of stories on impeachment is increasing by the hour, but soon it will be increasing by the minute--and all because of the ports scandal.

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Strategy: Wiretaps as a Wedge Issue

I am a new member here, and this is my first diary, which is a version of something that I posted a similar entry on Daily Kos a week or so ago.  It fell off the map rather quickly, and of those who did read it, few of them got my point.  Here it goes:

I am amazed when I talk with my conservative friends and family from Tennessee to find that many of them still support warrantless wiretapping.  This sets a dangerous precedent by ignoring the fourth amendment.  It is not unimaginable that in the near future, other parts of our Bill of Rights will be in danger as well.  Still, many people support the program stating that they have nothing to hide, and so no one but a "terrorist" should be afraid of the wiretaps.  I have found a way to discuss this with people I talk to that will help them see our concern, while simultaneously chipping away at the right-wing base:

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