Fun with Polls

From today's Fox poll:

BILL Clinton would beat Hillary or Barack if he were running in the primary today.

BILL would beat McCain if he were running in the GE today.

So maybe the Clinton "brand" isn't as tarnished as some progressives think.  Now, if Hillary could only grow a penis... ;>

Other strange and juicy stuff includes

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Open Letter to FOX News

"Dear FOX News,

As a politically liberal, feminist leaning, 40 something women I just want to say thank you for your recent coverage of Senator Clinton's bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination. I turned to FOX in desperation when the fawning coverage of Senator Obama by the other cable news networks became too much for me to bear as a Hillary supporter. Please note that the non-partisan Center for Media and Public Affairs has recently found that the Fox broadcast network's coverage of Senator Clinton was the most fair from October 1st, 2007 to January 27th, 2008, with around 50% positive coverage. Compare that to the between 62 to 84% positive coverage of Senator Obama, and 58 to 64% negative coverage of Senator Clinton by the three other major networks during that time. Well done.

The Center did not study cable news networks like FOX's, CNN, or MSNBC. I used to be a faithful CNN viewer, and a casual MSNBC viewer but no more. Like I said, I switched to FOX in desperation because the other cable news networks have by and large given up all pretense of fairness and objectivity. I have been pleasantly surprised by the coverage I have seen so far. I had heard about sexist remarks made by FOX commentators in the past but I have witnessed none as yet. Apparently the leopard can change its spots after all. FOX's coverage has in fact been overall more respectful of my candidate than any I've seen elsewhere for the past few weeks. Keep up the good work. You've got my attention, at least throught the primaries."

It's come to this.

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Faux Forum massaging McCain last night

Last night - everyone was attacked except McCain (and Rudy). When Romney was on, you had writing underneath: "McCain is a Christian..."
or "Romney was born in Detroit..." Amazing manipulation - almost like the Simpsons episode on the debates..Poor Huckabee - I have never seen a GOP-er so savagely attacked on Faux!
But Chris Wallace was all hearts and smiles for McCain!
At one point, Chris Wallace was asking each candidate the "your worst" quesiton - just "girlfriend" and recommending Kerik" for Rudy, pardons for Huckabee, I think negative ads for Romney. The appropriate subtitles lingered on the screen.
For McCain : "You would be the oldest candidate - and said you'd only run for one term. Would you pledge that?"
Yup. Can't see anything worse about McCain than being old.:shrug:

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Political Ramifications of Bhutto Assassination

MSNBC has already taken the first step in this discussion, by saying that this probably helps the case for Rudy Giuliani.  Yeah, right.  The media a clearly idiots who need to just stick to reporting "what" happens.

This is a sad day for Pakistan and the future, but people had to see this coming.  There had already been attempts to assassinate her, and she knew that she was taking risks anytime that she went out into public.

But, just like 9/11 had political consequences, this will also reverberate through the remaining days leading up to Iowa.  

Here's what I think we'll be hearing:

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Glenn Beck versus public access

From Fayetteville Arkansas' Telecommunications Board Chair Richard Drake comes this much-shared cry of frustration (Arkansas Times, 12/16/07).  Where you have them, while you still have them, please use, support and protect your public, educational, and government access channels. ~ Rob McCausland.

I was watching CNN's Wolf Blitzer "interview" fellow CNN talking head Glenn Beck this week about Democratic front runners in Iowa, and I thought - not for the first time - how did things get so bad that Glenn Beck gets taken seriously? Either as a guest or an interviewer?

I get this feeling every few years, as I watch the self-satisfied interviewers on public affairs programs, who seem more impressed with the fact that they are on television than the fact that they have an audience which is eager for information about candidates and the issues.

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