Hillo with Billo (UPDATED w Video)

Hillary Clinton is about to step into the lion's den and put O'Reilly in his place.

Caution: you're about to enter a no-spin diary!

Teaser: The first question will be on Rev Wright.

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Update [2008-4-30 20:49:33 by Al Rodgers]:

Now the fair and balance Dennis Miller is hammering her. Calling her out for working for Walmart. And he's engaging in sexist stereotypes, calling her some "Eve" who will stab Billo's "Adam" in the back. HA! Miller is now whinning about his taxes. Isn't this what it is all about, on their side.

He says they're done because Hillary went on his show, and thereby breaking Dailykos' stranglehold on Democrats.

This guy is funny.

Miller is screaming about Dailykos. Geez, who knew they got under his skin.

Billo is screaming that Rev Wright is rich and has "bling". To Miller's credit, he says he doesn't care if Wright has any money.

Billo goes on about the "HATEFULL LEFT WING BLOGS" like dailykos. HA!

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POLL: What's your favorite News Channel

On the eve of Hillary's FIRST EVAH apperance on Bill O' Reilly's show, I'd like to ask, what cable news channel do you mainly watch

You welcomed to add your reasons below.

PS is there a limit on how many diaries you can post in a day?  I looked at the FAQ tab, and didn't see any restriction. I only ask, cuz there's a great story breaking in this evenings newspapers, that I'd like to post.

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Hillary on Oreilly Factor

Hillary clinton to appear on Oreilly factor tomorrow, Wednesday night.

Man, she is tough. You go girl

I am not a big fan of Fox, but Fox is more fair and balanced than MSNBC in covering Clinton.

Oreilly is 100% better than Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews.

Interesting to watch


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Welcome to PanderFest: Barack Does Fox II

Barack does Fox Part Deux

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Hillary Campain staff endorses Fox News for being fair

Its like watching a car crash, then seeing the survivors get out of the car only to be run over by a semi truck.

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