Baby Mama (Updated w/ Sugar)

So we all know sexism is abound in our media culture... but it's not just confined to Clintons. Today on FAUX news we have this jaw-dropping exchange.

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Time for Lawsuit against FOX and CNN

Fox News and CNN are busy trying to throw 2 elections.

The polls have not closed in SD and MT.

Chris Wallace is saying that Obama is the nominee.

CNN is telling its viewers that Clinton wants to be
Obama's VP.  Implying that his election is inevitable.

This morning, CNN, then Fox, announced that Clinton had
conceded to Obama.

They later corrected themselves in such a way that it
would still be unclear to someone half listening.

Normally a reporter will start with - "AP made an error
this morning.  They announced blah blah".

CNN repeated the erroneous report before saying that
it was an AP error.

They knew exactly what they were doing.

I seems that the Clinton campaign and supporters would
have legitimate grounds for a class action lawsuit.

In a few more months, CNN will be throwing it for John McCain.

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Harriet Christian

Harriet was wonderful and articulate on Fox this afternoon.I pity the folks who slandered and made disgusting comments about her. No one knows what she has gone through in life to get her to where she is today on this journey. I imagine she has seen a lot and has every right to feel the way that she does. She is entitled to her opinion and her voice and fuck anyone who would think otherwise. They reveal more about themselves and their character than they do hers. What she said may have been gruff and probably did not come out the way she intended but her point was quite clear. Shame on you folks for belittling her.

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Clinton + Fox News + Rove = Dream Team


Enough is enough. Stop the insanity now folks. Hillary is now friendlier with Rove and Fox News than with fellow Democrats.

On Monday, she quoted Rove's Electoral Map as her strength against Obama. Note that Rove is a McCain adviser. Is everyone ok with this?

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Pic of Ayers stomping on US Flag- 11th hour Fox story

Yes.  I know it's Fox News and I don't usually watch them.  But quite frankly, with MSNBC in the tank for Obama, I sometimes check it out.

Fox News has just revealed that they have obtained a picture of William Ayers stomping of the US Flag.  The story detailed the many links between Ayers and Obama and asked why Obama will not condemn William Ayers, a man even the Obama campaign admits to have links with.  They are repeating this picture as breaking news non-stop.

These stories are confirming what many have believed for some time...he is untested and unknown.  And the Republicans, Fox News and Co are going to defeat him by defining him.

And yes, we should be all over the Republicans for their unacceptable links to extremists too.  Trust me, I have been all over that in my hometown and with voters I meet, so there is no hypocrisy here.

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