Can We Destroy Fox Next?

David Brooks was on Charlie Rose predicting the collapse of the GOP into warring tribes.  He scoffed at being called an elitist and claimed the demise of the GOP began when they shut down the government in the 90's.  I completely agree with him that the GOP is beginning to eat its own and I think liberals and democrats should take full advantage.

One way is to woo moderate republicans into the party as Sen. Obama has done, but more aggressively.

But what I really want to attack is the right wing smear machine - Fox, Drudge, WSJ and Washington Times.  I think democrats who go on their shows or write for them should be outcasts.  No elected official should appear on Fox.  And an army of webgeeks need to take Drudge down.  I suspect Limbaugh will smoke and eat himself to death.

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MacCain/Palin Supporters angry photo NOT touched-up!


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Worst Person In The Worrrrlllld.

Sure this will be made available youtuby style later but here's what the asshats were saying @8:25am, talking to Bernard Goldberg on "Fox and Friends".  Don't ask why I was watching.

Gretchen Carlson:  "51% of the people said that they felt that Joe Biden won, which is close, really close.  But the headlines said, "Biden wins.  I mean, is that what we're still up against?"

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Watch It On CSPAN

I'm calling on all progressives to skip the pundits and the BS on CNN, FOX and MSNBC and watch the Demoncratic National COnvention on CSPAN...

I'm calling on all progressives to skip the pundits and the BS on CNN, FOX and MSNBC and watch the Demoncratic National COnvention on CSPAN...

Is it me or does it seem that the pundits on MSNBC and CNN are on overload with the whole Obama/Clinton drama?  It seems as if these people have no other storyline, it's like hearing a broken record...well, I have a solution..TURN IT OFF!!! Go to CSPAN, and keep it there, boycott FOX, MSNBC, and CNN.  Let them know we don't wanna hear it no more, stop trying to divide us Democrats and for Christ sake get a new storyline.  

Remember these are the same people that gave Bush a free pass on Iraq, Katrina, the Economy, and every other thing that he's touched and turned to shit, these same so called political experts who think it's more interesting to have a story about divide and conquer politics, then the politics that should bring us together.

Let them know we're not gonna take it anymore, it's a new day and time, and we demand more from the media and if the media continues to turn its back on us, we will do the same in return.


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Fox News should be required to register as a 527

Having missed the events of the day live, I've spent the past couple of hours flipping between the three cable news networks. For about half the time I watched Fox and I really got a feel for profound difference in coverage between Fox and the other stations.

Not to say that any of the coverage was particularly insightful or brilliant, but on CNN and MSNBC I repeatedly saw clips from Biden's speech followed by talking head analysis of mixed levels of value. In the at minimum 45 minutes of Fox viewing I saw no clips of Biden's speech - not one. I would say about 25 percent of the time was spent on McCain's theme of Biden's former slights about Obama's experience when Biden was running for president. ALL of the rest of the time was spent discussing how much the choice pissed off Clinton supporters, bringing in whatever Democrats they could find to support the meme (Susan Estrich, a former Clinton campaign representative I didn't recognize, etc.) with alleged journalist Geraldo Rivera saying he was "pissed" that Clinton was passed over.

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