Gore/Clark/Hagel/Gingrich/Thompson - Debate?

I want to be the first to propose that Al Gore, Wes Clark, Newt Gingrich, Chuck Hagel & Fred Thompson have a Maybe Presidential Debate.  An ideal moderator would be Mario Cuomo who spent most of 1988 and 1992 deciding on a presidential candidacy which never made it off the runway of an airport tarmac in Albany.  Heck, maybe Cuomo is considering a run.  Anybody but Fox "News" or Fox's print inspiration, the Washington Times, should run the debate.

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We will break you! (an idea for the Nevada Mess)

Hesiod comes up with something remarkably (perhaps not for Hesiod, though) clever here.

General idea: schedule a netroots candidates forum for the same day as the Nevada Fox Debacle-To-Be.

Here is what I propose.

Daily Kos and MYDD, and whichever bigtime big name progressive bloggers want to get involved, should schedule THEIR OWN CANDIDATE FORUM for the exact same date and time as the Nevada Democratic party soiree.

And, given the organizing talents of the blogosphere, you could even set it up for a venue in the same city as the Nevada Dem party forum.

Then, you invite all the candidates to show up.

Give them a choice between showing up at the Fox event, and majorly pissing off the blogosphere, or showing up at our event, and screwing over Fox.

I have a sneaking suspicion that even many high level Neveda Democrats would choose us over Fox.

Just my two cents.

As an added bonus:

My idea will also give the Nevada Democratic Party a way to get out of any contraactual obligation they may have with Fox News. If they schedule a forum, and none of the candidates intends to show up, then there's nothing Fox can do about it.

Is it too late to do something like this?  It seems bulletproof.

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The 2004 Fox Debates Targeted Dean and Clark: Stats

Does Fox News go into a Democratic debate with a plan to be objective?


Then do they go in with a plan to smear all candidates equally?

The answer to that lies in looking at the questions they asked in previous Democratic presidential debates.  Like the one they co-sponsored in Detroit, October 26, 2003.

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Fox TV To Use Propoganda, Scare Country

"Time to wake the country up!"

Bush ally Rupert Murdock has decided that it is time to help Bush scare the country a little more using the popular show "24", according to the Drudge Report.

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AP Picks Up Fox Story

The AP just posted a story on the Michael J Fox ad complete with the despicable quote from Limbaugh.  Hopefully this will take off and generate yet more views for the ad.  I suggest people Rate the story highly at Yahoo to keep the story on the front page.

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