Nevada Democratic Party Responds

Nevada Democrats respond, from Reno and Its Discontents:

"FOX News' viewership in Western states and across the country does not always get to hear directly from Democrats in an unedited and uninterrupted fashion. The August debate in Reno will allow the Democratic Presidential candidates to speak to the Fox audience who may be hearing from them for the first time for ninety minutes unfiltered and directly."

"The Nevada Democratic Party and the Western Majority Project believe it is critical for Democrats to engage people, especially those who have heard too little from Democrats in the past. We believe the more people hear from Democrats, the better chance a Democrat will win the White House in 2008."

I'm sure that banner in the background that says 'Democrat Party' will be nice.  And hopefully, this time Fox News won't cut off the final few minutes of the debate and go directly to William Bennett to spin it before any Democrat has chance to weigh in, like they did in the January 2004 primary debate.

Fox News is a partisan Republican propaganda shop that hosts 'news anchors' that call Democrats traitors on a fairly regular basis.  This is not a channel that deserves legitimacy.  They will screw us.

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From Mediabistro:

Fox News Channel will host an August 2007 Democratic Debate in Reno, Nevada.

The network is working with the Nevada Democratic Party and the Western Majority Project to host the debate, "which is expected to attract the top Democratic contenders for President," the press release says. It will air live on FNC and FNR on Aug. 14 in Reno.

"Fox News is proud to be a leader in coverage of the 2008 campaign season and a co-host of this important presidential debate. We look forward to working with the Nevada Democratic Party and the Western Majority Project," Roger Ailes says...

Seriously, wtf?

UPDATE: Hugh Jackson has more.

For an example of how disrespectful and counterproductive such Fox News-sponsored Democratic debates are, consider the September 9, 2003 Democratic debate in Baltimore, Maryland, hosted by Fox News in partnership with the Congressional Black Caucus. Fox News graphics, as well as a banner over the stage, titled the event as the "Democrat Candidate Presidential Debate," a misconstruction of "Democrat" used as an epithet. Fox News then summarized the debate with a story titled, "Democratic Candidates Offer Grim View of America," continuing with such jabs as, "The depiction of the president as the root of all evil began at the top of Tuesday night's debate...."

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Some Cable Broadcast News

According to a report over at the TVNewser blog, which really is the go to place for information on the industry, MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann is getting a raise -- and probably a big one at that.

Ever since the former sports broadcaster started launching scathing attacks on the hypocrisy and wrongheadedness of actions taken by the likes of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill O'Reilly and others, filling in a much needed gap within the cable broadcast industry for a newsman willing to cover the issues without a noticeable right wing bias, Olbermann has seen his ratings climb while his competitors have fallen.

Back in July, Olbermann briefly bested his nemesis Bill O'Reilly in the key 25-54 year old demographic (the "demo") during one program. True, it was more of a symbolic than real victory, seeing that O'Reilly was on vacation (and thus his program was a rerun) while Olbermann was not; still, it did mark the first time, to my knowledge that Olbermann's "Countdown" had topped Fox's "The Factor". By the late summer and early fall, Olbermann catapulted ahead of Paula Zahn within the demo, his competition during the 8 PM Eastern timeslot on CNN, and has since reached the point at which he regularly beats her in the ratings, both overall and within the demo. And the trend has not been limited to Olbermann and O'Reilly. MSNBC's numbers have been up across the board while Fox News' numbers have dropped significantly. So suffice it to say that it is good news that Olbermann at least appears to be on track to stay on the air with MSNBC for a long time to come.

And what of Fox News these days? Aside from being shunned and ashamed for pushing the clearly bogus story about Barack Obama's educational background, Fox News is moving ahead with a comedy program created by a producer of the Fox broadcast show "24" that aims to be a conservative alternative to "The Daily Show". From the bits and pieces released thus far, it's stunningly bad. I've already posted the video over in Breaking Blue, but it bears repeating on the front page because it is just so, so bad.

It's difficult for me to imagine someone coming up with something less funny -- though perhaps unintentionally hilarious because it attempts to be funny but so clearly fails -- as this program. One conservative blogger even suggests that "the writers are all liberals deliberately sabotaging the show." If this is what Fox News is going to come up with, it's no wonder their numbers are plummeting.

Update [2007-2-15 1:0:47 by Jonathan Singer]:Yet another God awful clip emerges...

Update [2007-2-15 12:22:22 by Jonathan Singer]: The AP has more on the Olbermann half of this post.

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Obama Unites & Fox Lies

Obama Unites & Fox Lies.

Fox is Already Swiftboating Obama!

BlueThunder's diary :: ::
FOX NEWS is already lying about Obama.

Obama announced his presidential run yesterday, linking his run to Lincoln, and the need to unify a devided house. He touched on a number of key issues and we can already see him working hard to be a uniter.

He indicates gov't will play a crucial role in our lives, but he calls for strong personal responsibility and a strong work ethic. He calls for better support for teachers and better support to the middle class. He speaks of the importance of faith and hope.

He spoke of Iraq. And here is where FOX NEWS tried to Swift Boat him.

Obama's Quote:

"It's time to admit that no amount of American lives can resolve the political disagreement that lies at the heart of someone else's civil war. That's why I have a plan that will bring our combat troops home by March of 2008. Letting the Iraqis know that we will not be there forever is our last, best hope to pressure the Sunni and Shia to come to the table and find peace."

Fox News' Swift Boating Quote
American lives can resolve the political disagreement that lies at the heart of someone else's civil war.",2933,...,2933,251293,00.html

Does anyone else think this is outrageous?
This must be brought to the mainstream news.
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Obama Shuts Out Fox News

This is exactly what you do when a propaganda outfit posing as a news organization smears you with demonstrably false accusations:

These are chilly days on Capitol Hill ... and on the campaign trail for Fox News journalists -- at least when they're anywhere near Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

Sources tell The Sleuth that the Obama camp has "frozen out" Fox News reporters and producers in the wake of the network's major screw-up in running with the erroneous Obama-the-jihadist story reported by Insight magazine.


Since the madrassah incident, Obama has given interviews to ABC, CNN, CBS and NBC -- pretty much every other network except Fox. Sources close to Obama acknowledged that they're not thrilled to play ball with Fox journalists, but they stopped short of saying they are freezing the network out.


No one is suggesting the icy conditions are permanent. In fact, a thawing of sorts may already have begun thanks to two telephone conversations Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes had with Obama.

All too often in the past Democratic candidates have been willing to just sit back and take hits -- even unjust hits -- from conservatives and blind quote, anonymous smear-loving reporters, just assuming that if they don't react that the story will blow over or that if they do react they should offer their side of the story but leave it at just that. This stands in stark contrast with Republicans, who, going back to Nixon Vice President Spiro Agnew and then Vice President George H. W. Bush, have been more than willing to attack the media for justified inquiries into their actions, let alone unjustified ad hominem attacks, such as the one lobbed at Obama this month. Hopefully we'll see this type of willingness to engage braindead reporters and television personalities among Democratic candidates, not only during the presidential primaries but also on through the general election and in the future.

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