Warning: This tea may cause severe damage to journalistic integrity

Talk to any political organizer and they'll tell you the hardest part about pulling off a successful protest rally is building a big enough crowd for the press to show up and cover the festivities. As tax day approaches, conservatives planning anti-Obama "tea party" demonstrations across the country have found a way around this once-daunting organizer's dilemma: Fox News.

That's right. Despite repeatedly claiming its coverage is "fair and balanced," despite its attacks on anyone who dares claim or imply the cable outlet tilts to the right, despite encouraging viewers to "say 'no' to biased media," Fox News has frequently aired segments imploring its audience to get involved with tea-party protests across the country -- protests the "news" network has described as mainly a response to President Obama's economic policies.

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Gary Kamiya Is Off Today

The Devil, strike that, the culture made me do it!

Gary Kamiya strikes out today with his piece on cop killer Richard Poplawski.

The sub-headline asks "amid the deafening din of the right wing's anti-government rhetoric, how extreme is he?"

Kamiya should have stopped at the editor's sub-headline in his 1,100-word piece.

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Stop O'Reilly's harassment

Most people here are aware of the ambush "journalism" being practiced by the falafel man and his minions. I wonder which school of journalism condones stalking, harassment in their curriculum but I think when FNC and falafel man endangers the personal space and right of privacy of private citizens, it is well within the rights of private citizens to launch a campaign and hit back where it hurts, i.e. his sponsors.

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Oh Those Poor AIG Executives

On Fox News earlier today, Shepherd Smith interviewed Fox Business Network's Tracy Byrnes who pretty much summed up business media's "war on wealth" spin with this remarkable pity party for wealthy AIG bonus recipients:

You and I both talked about how poor Ed Liddy got grilled that day for things that were completely out of his control and so then he kindly goes back to his people and says 'Do the right thing and try to give it back' but let's face it, anybody who gets a bonus that money is spent long before that check comes in the mail, right? These poor people paying off mortgages, paying off debt, the odds that these people have these bonuses are slim to none right now.

While clearly all bonus recipients are not millionaires, portraying them as living paycheck to paycheck and deserving of pity is absurd. CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has broken down the AIG bonus distribution as he's discovered it:

More than 400 AIG employees received bonuses -- starting at $1,000 and ranging up to the $6.4 million reportedly paid to an executive who lives in a mansion in Fairfield.

Because AIG has not released the full list of the employees, Blumenthal could not say how many Connecticut residents received bonuses or how much they received. But he said he believes that all of those receiving bonuses reported to the Financial Products unit based in Wilton.

Some names have appeared in newspapers, and at least 73 employees received bonuses of at least $1 million each.

Wow, just $1 mill. I feel so sorry for them.

If anyone has or finds video of this segment, please post in the comments. And in the meantime, look for takedowns of the business media over at the just launched Financial Media Matters, hopefully this shameful display included.

Update [2009-3-23 17:52:49 by Todd Beeton]:Here's the video, h/t Financial Media Matters:

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Fox News Belittles and Mocks the Canadian Military. UPDATED

(cross posted at kickin it with cg and motley moose)

Sure some US TV shows make fun of Canada sometimes, but it's usually in a fun lighthearted manner. This segment by Fox News however was not even close to being funny, and lacks any respect for the Canadian Military and Canadians in general.  

This utter and complete failure came on the heels of a report that 4 Canadian soldiers died today in Afghanistan.

By a high proportion, Canada has suffered more in losses in Afghanistan than any NATO ally. (The US population, at nearly 300 million, is ten times larger than Canada; the UK population is double the size).

Coalition deaths in Afghanistan by country
 USA: 594
 UK: 152
 Canada: 116
 Germany: 31
 France: 27
 Spain: 25
 Denmark: 23
 Netherlands: 18
 Italy: 13
 Australia: 10
 Poland: 9
 Romania: 9
 Czech Republic: 3
 Estonia: 3
 Norway: 3
 Hungary: 2
 Portugal: 2
 South Korea: 2
 Sweden: 2
 Finland: 1
 Latvia: 1
 Lithuania: 1
TOTAL: 1,045

I honestly cannot believe that people watch this network and think that it is good.  The segment above is part of the Fox News Red Eye Report and they can be reached at redeye@foxnews.com.

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