Media Matters video calls out conservative pundits who mocked DHS report on right-wing extremists

This video is getting a lot of well-deserved buzz this morning. Like good writing, good video CAN crystallize a moment, and make a compelling argument. Then again, the argument that the modern conservative movement has come completely unhinged is a fairly easy one to make. Never mind. Just watch the video:

And if you're in Washington, DC today, please consider joining The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Greater Washington, the InterFairth Conference of Metropolitan Washington, various faith groups, friends, and me for a vigil for peace and solidarity in front of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

100 Raoul Wallenberg Place SW, Washington, DC 20024 (just off 14th and Independence SW - closest Metro stop: Smithsonian on the Orange and Blue lines)

2:00pm today (Thursday, June 11, 2009)

We'll be there to express our support, unity, love, respect and to reflect in the aftermath of yesterday's tragic shooting of Stephen T. Johns, who gave his life defending our commitment to fight injustice and hatred.

I'd also like to put in a quick pitch for The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and The Southern Poverty Law Center. Two organizations that do indispensable work and need our support.

Donate to The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

Donate to The Southern Poverty Law Center:

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I need a little Info help. Please.

I know about the court case in Florida that basically allowed fox news to lie.  The problem I am having is this.  I can not find ANY "news" sources (I am sure they did not want to report it) on this and I can not find a link to the actual court case ruling.

I can only find stuff like the following: es/articles/11-the-media-can-legally-lie /

I am trying to pull my brothers head out of his faux news, ditto head fog.

Can you help?


Also... it has been a long time since I have been here.  Work, home stuff and the dreaded "facebook" have taken control of my life.  :)

I am coming back, because FB and twitter are like brainless blogging, they can help in local organizing but they also eat up valuable time for doing good work.

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Americans View Fox News as Biased

This won't come as much of a surprise to those who live in reality instead of a sort of Beltway-induced haze, but by a fairly significant margin Americans view Fox News -- more than any other television news outlet -- as being biased today. The Pew Research Center has the numbers (h/t TV Newser).

According to the survey, 29 percent of respondents indicated that they believed Fox News was too critical of Barack Obama. Even one in five Republicans (18 percent) agreed with this sentiment, as did a quarter of Independents (25 percent) and an even larger share of Democrats (44 percent). In contrast, just 5 percent of respondents believed the network to be too easy on the President.

To compare Fox with its competitors, a little under a sixth of respondents believed that the other news networks -- CNN (16 percent) and MSNBC (16 percent), but also ABC (14 percent), CBS (13 percent) and NBC's broadcast channel (15 percent) -- were too easy on President Obama. In the case of CNN, another one in ten respondents (11 percent) said they thought the network was too hard on Barack Obama, so at least one news organization was viewed as striking a decent balance (or perhaps more precisely an equal lack of balance).

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If Fox News Ruled The World...

The tax protests which sprouted yesterday in places like Sacramento, DC, and, of all places, The Alamo, were proclaimed to be "spontaneous" by the talking heads at Fox News (who "spontaneously" set up their crews and equipment around the country to broadcast the protests... and whose presence was repeatedly announced on the Fox News programs ahead of time, I guess, as a "spontaneous" piece of PR.)

To get to these protests, which took place in public squares, parks and historical sites (all supported and maintained by taxes), people took highways and subways and railroads (all subsidized by taxes)... and after the protests ended they probably went out to eat somewhere, having meats and vegetables which our Agriculture and other Departments keep a safety view on by means of taxes. Most of these protests were guarded and protected by police (paid by taxes), to make sure their right to protest was upheld and no one was hurt.

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Tea Party Palooza

Today, as people are filing their taxes, maniacs around the country are gathering to protest the...errr..biggest middle tax cut in history, or something? Or is it the bailouts that began under Bush? Or perhaps that scary bogeyman big government spending? All? Either? No one seems to really know. But what is clear is that they are hardly a grassroots affair.

As First Read points out:

But let's be clear about one thing: These tea parties are hardly non-partisan events. While there's certainly a grassroots component here, these parties have been co-opted by a major America political party (the RNC's Web site allows for creating send-a-tea-bag post cards to Dem leaders) and an entire cable news channel (which has been promoting the events). The main Web site for the events today, Tax Day Tea Party, is funded by conservative groups, and a public records search shows it's registered to a conservative techie, Allen B. Fuller, who used to be a legislative correspondent for GOP Sen. Richard Shelby and who touts creating Web sites for Republican elected officials. Also reportedly involved in today's protest events are FreedomWorks, a conservative group founded by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, and Americans for Prosperity.

What's also clear is that these events are serving as an excuse for rightwing extremists to rally against President Obama in really ignorant and dangerous ways. This report from CNN is pretty stunning. Watch Susan Roesgen ask a guy over and over why he's calling the president of the United States a fascist. He has no answer. She also informs one teabagger that Illinois would actually get $50 billion from the stimulus and calls Fox News out for what they really are.

For the definitive takedown of the teabaggers, check out this Countdown piece from the other day:

And check this out, the Philadelphia tea party protest only drew 300 people.

Also, up in Oregon, the Bus Project has a brilliant idea:

To steal a line from Oliver Wendell Holmes, on Wednesday patriots are paying for civilization. They deserve a cheerleader.

So the Bus Project and friends are going to the Post Office to cheer them on.

We'll be handing out "Thank You Cards" that show people how much good their tax dollars do. Their confidence is gonna be huge as we all remake our country for the future.

Yes, Joe Biden was right, paying taxes is patriotic.

Down here in SoCal, apparently the San Diego protest is corresponding with a marriage equality rally. We'll have someone on the ground to give a full report of the madness.

What other tea-baggery are you seeing?

Update [2009-4-15 16:24:1 by Todd Beeton]:More outright mockery of the teabaggers, this time by Anderson Cooper.

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