Kerry re-runs in the UK

Yet more signs that Tony Blair is using John Kerry hand-me-downs for his tired campaign-- U2's Beautiful Day is the party's "official campaign song" and you get hit up with the lame-ass-splash to get into Labour's website. Any chance that we get to hear Bono say "How dare they use our music to promote their bullshit?"

Update: The Liberal Democrat leader's wife, Sarah Kennedy, "has gone into hospital" for a pregnancy that's due. That'd be a 5% (or more) bump in the US.

The Lib Dem path is for Blair to be defeated

Is it surprising that once 10 Downing St. invited a bunch of DC-based Democratic consultants over, that Labour/Blair started showing up more poorly in the polls? And sure enough, Labour has been fading, and the Tories are gaining:
                  Latest   Previous    2001            
Labour            36       (37)        45%
Conservatives     35       (34)        35%
Liberal Democrat  21       (22)        20%
The US consultants probably told Labour that they had to bring down the Liberal Democrats, in order to beat back the Conservatives. Let's face it. If Tony Blair is inviting the Kerry consultants over to give him advice, he's halfway home to being ousted. And in fact, the best thing for the Lib Dems (which is whom most of us here are rooting for) is for the Conservatives to do surprisingly, even shockingly well at beating Labour.

Will the Tories regain power only with the help of the Lib Dems? I doubt that, but having the Liberal Democrats be the kingmaker would be, among other beneficial actions, a great way for the UK to get out of Iraq.

UK Elections Poll

I've put up a poll about the UK elections. I myself have not decided whom I would support yet (hint: it ain't gonna be the Tories). As both a union organizer and as someone who spent a decent amount of my one-year in Britain (`94-`95) working on politics, it pains me to have to consider the Liberal Democrats so strongly. To help you make up your mind, here are the websites for the Conservatives, for Labour, and for the Liberal Democrats. Also, Ben P posted a useful primer on UK politics a couple months back.

I gotta do something about raising my profile. As a former political activist in Britain and a current election blogger, I sure envy kos for getting a trip to the UK to write about the final week of the election.

Labour still expected to top 100

Showing just how bad their draw is, the Conservative Party in the UK has finally abandoned an earlier campaign strategy of suggesting that it would be a "vote Blair get Brown" election. What they suceeded in doing is making the populace embrace Brown as the antidote to Blair:According to YouGov, 63 per cent see Brown as an "asset" to Labour compared to 34 per cent for Blair. Asked who is doing the better job, 52 per cent say Brown compared to 17 per cent for Blair.The most recent YouGov poll for The Sunday Times hasn't changed much either:
Labour           37% 
Conservative     32%
Lib Dems         23%
If it were Brown instead of Blair at the top, Labour would win in a blowout.

UK status mixed in the polls

The Guardian has a Election Countdown page for stories on the UK parties as the May 5th election. There are a couple of recent polls out from ICM and NOP:
                        ICM        NOP
Labour                  37         42
Conservative            34         30
Liberal Democrat        21         18
The speculation is that Howard has gained from pledging to tighten immigration laws, a poll favorite, and is promising a tax-cut yesterday. Blair's problem is that voters perfer Brown, and there remains the potential of a byelection-like turnout. I suppose predicting turnout in this election will be more difficult than predicting the winner.


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