Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

On the eve of a new year with so many behind me now, I can only wonder how many may still be in the wings?

And as I review the year's events--although some may overlap a bit with  the calendar-- in my heart this is the year that my mother died, that the Democrat in the White House provoked prolonged Screaming inside my head, if not on paper, and I gave away my cat.

I also began to seek a new life partnership motivated by a gratitude about being alive that seemed to open doors heretofore invisible.

This is also the year I  began to rethink my membership in the Democratic Party. This was not a deliberate act. It was more a slowly evolving dissatisfaction like a sore that one absent mindedly scratches until you look down and see blood oozing.

Aging is a miraculous part of life's journey! But in the wake of this changing status  I find myself questioning many of my staunchest beliefs. I inheritied the Democratic Party from a Labor Leader Daddy and a working class Mom who never trusted rich people much-- and they were always Republican.

But I supported Hillary Clinton and found out more than I ever wanted to know about the failings of my chosen political party.

And then I saw the financial crises  handled by the Democrat in the White House like a Republican.  Paul Krugman  nailed Obama and his finacial advisors to the wall over and over and over again. All to no avail.  No public outcry reached a scale from which change might have emerged. In his coolness, the man we elected to change Washington elevated the status quo to new heights of impregnability.

Of course we had the silliness of the Republicans to contend with as well, and at times they weren't silly but ugly,  hateful, and antithetical to the country's well being. And so all calls for change from within could go ignored in the face of Republican insanity.

Still, can we blindly support this administration which has so abysmally failed the middle class and "main street?"

Since electing Obama, as never before, it is clear  that we are not the party of working people, that we believe we must rescue the Rich and powerful in every sphere, that we are a party now aligned with corporate interests at all costs: in finance, in health care, on the environment and in climate change.

I think we need to change the party.

How we go about it, is unclear to me. But I think there needs to be a regular column or periodic reporting of how Democrats are going about doing exactly this.

 I think we need to take this on with a seriousness of purpose and intent that will not be denied. Because if we do not, if we are content with having elected a Corporate Overseer and too many Corporate Minions bought and paid for by special interests in both the  the House and Senate, websites like mydd only serve these same interests.

We are about direct democracy here, aren't we?

I hope 2010 is the year we put that to work to rebuild the party in the image of FDR whose policies during the Great Derpession still resonate and provide a platorform on which to build and expand not retract and contract.

Social Security, Medicare and the FDIC were Democratic Party policies.

it is my New Year's wish that 2010 see our backbone resurrected and our strength of purpose undaunted.


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