Community Bankers Support Obama Two-Tier Regulatory Reform

The Independent Community Bankers of America, an organization that represents the largest constituency of community banks in the nation, has come out in strong support of the Obama Administration's new regulatory fee structure.  The new structure places the greatest financial burden for oversight directly on the largest banks that require greater manpower due to size and complexity of financial transactions.

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Weekly Audit: Radical Inequality Fueled the Wall Street Meltdown

by Zach Carter, Media Consortium MediaWire Blogger   

Now that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner isn't going to impose pay restrictions on bailed out Wall Street executives, it's critical to remember that severe economic inequality was a major factor in the financial meltdown. Our tax code funnels money into the hands of our wealthiest citizens, which means that our financial system protects the interests of the affluent—not the the average citizen. The broad divergence between our core democratic values and the existing U.S. economic structure must become part of the public debate over financial reform.    

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John Edwards: "as President, I represent the American People!"

John Edwards has gotten many laughs with the cutting line about Industry Lobbyists: "If you give them a seat at the Table -- they'll eat all the food!"

Lobbyists are the "Bogey Man" that's everyone loves to hate -- but are they really that big of a Deal?

It's just Business right? Corporations are People too. They deserve to have their Voices heard in DC, too, Right?   I thought I read that somewhere in the Constitution, Didn't I? .... Hmmmm ....

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