Tarnished Shields: Mark Sanford and the Morally Bankrupt Family Values Reublicans

    The hypocrisy and moral turpitude of the leaders of the Republican party is just one reason why only 21 percent of Americans identify themselves as Republicans.

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What Pulls Us Apart

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It was a cool Fall evening in South Florida.  The breeze was gentle; the sunset glorious.  As I approached the intersection where, each weekend I stand in support of peace and tranquility, I did as I do when at this crossroad.  I placed my arm out the window.  My digits were extended and formed the symbol associated with serenity.  When I am in a vehicle, at the locale commonly considered the Peace Corner I work to preserve the intent of my Saturday mission.  I strive to advance awareness for the notion, this nation remains at war.  Soldiers are slaughtered far from the shores of home sweet home.  Civilians, in their native country continue to lose their lives for a want of war.  I crave global harmony and will work to restore some sense of civility worldwide.  However, as I sat silently in contemplation cries of "Country First" startled me.

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Michelle Obama's Latest "Family Values" Swipe

"Family Values" is one of those political phrases that can't ever really be divorced from its earlier context and meaning. I'm sure that any one who lived through the 90's can't hear the phrase without remembering it as a Republican battle-cry used against the Clintons and the Democratic Party. It was a rhetorical weapon that signified opposition to liberal values such as gender equality and abortion rights. And it was used to attack the Clintons during the Ken Starr investigation and impeachment.

So why would Michelle Obama refer to "family values"tonight on Colbert?

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Did Rudy Lie?

The Huffington Post ran this cut from the NY Times from 8/4/2001:

For the past two months Rudolph Giuliani has been coming home at night to one of the happiest marriages in New York.

That's how long the mayor, in flight from his own marital wreckage at Gracie Mansion, has been a frequent sleepover guest at the home of Howard Koeppel and his partner, Mark Hsiao. Mr. Koeppel, who is 64, is a Queens car dealer who has been both a close friend and prodigious fund-raiser of Mr. Giuliani's since 1989. The 41-year-old Mr. Hsiao is a Juilliard-trained pianist who works at the city's Department of Cultural Affairs. They've been together almost 10 years -- are registered with the city as domestic partners -- and in happier times for the Giuliani marriage, double-dated with the mayor and Donna Hanover on New Year's Eve. Now they are doting hosts to Mr. Giuliani as he juggles his raucous divorce, his recovery from prostate cancer treatments, his waning months in office, his romance with Judith Nathan, his post-public-life future and, last but hardly least, his search for an affordable Manhattan apartment rental of his own.

The mayor's progressive record on gay civil rights notwithstanding, he has not endorsed same-sex marriage. But, says Mr. Koeppel, ''He did tell us that if they ever legalized gay marriages, we would be the first one he would do.'' Mr. Koeppel and Mr. Hsiao are in favor of the right to marry -- which, among other things, would give gay couples the same protections as heterosexual couples in legal and fiscal matters ranging from immigration and adoption rights to veterans' and Social Security benefits.

Now just this weekend Rudy told the Family Values Conference that he was opposed to Gay Marriage and would push for a Constitutional Amendment banning it.

It's hard for me to imagine the things based on special group causes that folks want to make part of a great document like the Constitution. Oh, it was tried once before in Prohibition when one social group wanted to control what people drank... albeit a practice that goes down in human history for centuries. By doing it they caused crime and disruption and, eventually, it had to be removed... it was just NOT a Constitutional item.

Frankly, I don't want anything dealing with ANY kind of sexual relationships as part of the Constitution. Nor do I want it to specify the kinds of clothes we can wear (something Mao did to the Chinese masses!). I don't want it telling me what kinds of pets I can have. I don't want it specifying my religious beliefs.

The Constitution is supposed to set down the basis of our human rights and the structure of the government that operates our country from day to day. That's it. We didn't need King George the Third telling us what to believe and how to do things. We don't need Tony Perkins or his ilk, either.

As for Rudy Giuliani... either he was lying before or he's lying now. Either way, he is not my idea of a President.

Under the LobsterScope

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Whose Values?

The Family Values Conference is now over, and having listened to the Republican candidates grovel and kiss up to their issues I think it is clear now what a Conservative is: someone who imposes his or her religious beliefs on everyone else.

Now, this is strange to me, since they constantly say they want to restore the values of the Founding Fathers. I don't believe any of the Founding Fathers were Southern Baptists, which appears to be the leading religion of these Family Values folks.

Nor do I believe that the Founding Fathers ever distinguished between Right To Life and Right To Choose... nor did they make it part of the Constitution, although these Family Values folks insist that they are the main supporters of said document.

What amazes me more is how people who are not from the Southern Baptist religious community, like Romney and Giuliani, assure the assembled multitude of the similarity of their beliefs... although they are not technically similar at all. And many of those assembled buy it (although those attending voted for Huckabee, a Baptist Preacher, in the straw poll).

So whose values represent Americans, really? And whose values represent those who put together the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? And whose values support the maintaining of life - I mean by not sending our sons and daughters to die for oil? And whose values allow for the participation in our society by Jews, Moslems, Episcopalians, Buddhists, and, yes, atheists and agnostics? And whose values support politicians who don't lie about WMDs?

If I were to vote for American Values today, it would be for a Democrat who supported an end to the war,  freedom of (and from) religion, and participation by all aspects of the American people.

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