Cooperative Security Locations, Not Permanent Just Enduring

The US military has a number of terms that it uses to describe its various kinds of military installations. One of these terms is a Cooperative Security Location. According to Global Security, a Cooperative Security Location (CSL) is a host-nation facility with little or no permanent US presence. CSLs will require periodic service, contractor and/or host nation support. CSLs provide contingency access and are a focal point for security cooperation activities. They may contain propositioned equipment. CSLs are: rapidly scalable and located for tactical use, expandable to become a Forward Operating Site (FOS), forward and expeditionary.

The Department of Defense has released a FY 2010 Budget Request Summary Justification (pdf.) presentation outlining its proposed expenditures. Some are curious, a few are disconcerting.

The FY 2010 Base budget includes $46 million for a cooperative security location at Palanquero Air Base in Colombia.

This is news to Colombians. Though Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos broached the subject of stationing a base in Colombia back in February, that trial balloon did not float. Colombians remain opposed to any US military presence in the country.

Significant investment at Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, a forward operating site for which responsibility has been moved from CENTCOM to AFRICOM.

It looks like AFRICOM, which remains homeless or perhaps better put awaiting a home in temporary quarters in Stuggart, Germany, is going to get rammed down hapless Djibouti.

The Department's objective is to develop a network of Forward Operating Sites (FOSs) and Cooperative Security Locations (CSLs) to support current and future operations in the Gulf and Central Asia. The Department plans significant investments at the following enduring locations:

* Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, and Al Mussanah Air Base, Oman,
both of which are Cooperative Security Locations, and
* Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, a Forward Operating Site

Enduring? Just what does the DoD mean by that?

These notions of a far-flung empire are killing this Republic. Never mind the cost. Military adventurism undermines democracy at home.

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