Utah Democratic Candidate Takes a Stand Against Telco Immunity

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Something you may be used to hearing about a Democratic candidate in other states, but here in Utah, this is truly a first.  We have but one Democrat in our federal delegation, and on FISA, Matheson has proven himself a true Bush Dog.  Now it appears a new candidate is ready to step up and show true leadership on a key issue.

Morgan is the Democratic candidate for Utah's first congressional district, a seat currently held by school voucher supporting, "drill here, drill now" parroting, warrantless wiretap backing Rob Bishop.  In addition to the 2/1 odds Morgan faces unseating the corporate funded incumbent, he also faces a battle with in-state leadership as a result of Rep. Jim Matheson, our only sitting Democrat, and faithful Blue Dog.

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Fighting Smart - Why Clark had to Take the Hit

This was originally comment, but by the time I finished saying everything I felt needed saying (and by the time I'd reiterated it incessantly to make sure I was understood, as I neurotically tend to do), I realized I'd written a diary.

There's a lot of anger out there and frustration over Obama's apparent leap to the center. I've thought about writing about FISA, but the fact is what can be said has been. By the time I got up the confidence to write something, the lines were drawn and that was that.

Well I'm getting in on the ground floor of this Wesley Clark hullabaloo. Thanks in advance for reading. I'm a bit nervous but here it goes:

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Senator Obama - Please Vote NO on Telecom Immunity - Get FISA Right

Join over 5000 (and counting) fellow Obama supporters in requesting Obama to vote against FISA. Join the group, Senator Obama - Please Vote NO on Telecom Immunity - Get FISA Right , on mybarackobama. The group profile reads

Senator Obama - we are a proud group of your supporters who believe in your call for hope and a new kind of politics. Please reject the politics of fear on national security, vote against this bill and lead other Democrats to do the same!

Openleft's MattStoller writes:

I'm an Obama donor and supporter, and I joined this group on MyBarackObama.  There are a little over 1700 people in it.  You should join it if you have an account on MyBO.

TPM's Greg Sargent writes:

Well, since then it's grown rapidly: It now has  over 4,000 members.

That's six times the 500 or so it had on Friday. It's a strong signal from Obama's own supporters that they won't sit idly by when he takes a position that they view as a betrayal of the change movement he's building.

Now the membership is almost 5100.
It's good to see that the progressives taking some action on this issue. We have until July 7th, to make our voices heard. We may get more time thanks to Senators Feingold and Dodd's efforts. So, Join Now.

Contribute : Road to 60

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Is honesty really so foreign to us?

Here's a possibility nobody seems to have considered in all the Obama/FISA brouhaha.

Maybe Obama isn't jumping to the right for political expediency.  Maybe Obama isn't afraid of Republicans calling him soft on terrorism.  Maybe he's not cynically using the terrorism card to scare up votes.

Maybe he just honest-to-god thinks that the American people are safer if the legislation passes.

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Feingold's FISA Strategy

I'm as disappointed as the next that Obama's not jumped into the fray, but in the meantime, we've got a damn good one on the field in Russ Feingold, and instead of whining that your favorite quarterback's on the bench, let's get to work with the team we've got.

Russ' strategy here is more than a classic filibuster. The real fight comes before the cloture vote on the bill itself. Russ has announce that he plans to introduce 6 Amendments. If even one passes (or for that matter even Specter's) the Bill returns to the House. Only if the 2 Chambers pass identical legislation does it move to the President's desk. If we send a bill sufficiently not to his liking to draw a veto, that kicks the can further down the road. If this mess can be stalled through Labor Day, when the Congress breaks for campaign season, it's dead.

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