Patriot Act, FISA, George Will, and tying things together

In his opinion piece from today, George Will says this:
George Will: The administration's argument about the legality of the NSA program also has been discordant with the administration's argument about the urgency of extending the Patriot Act. Many provisions of that act are superfluous if a president's wartime powers are as sweeping as today's president says they are.
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Glenn Greenwald does it again!

Just in case any of you had any doubts about Glenn Greenwald being the best blogger of 2006 so far, listen to this:

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Bush explicitly admits breaking the law

Pay very close attention to what President Bush says in response to CBS's Bob Schieffer:
SCHIEFFER: Let me ask you this, Mr. President because I just have never quite understood this, and maybe you could clear this up. As I understand the law, you had the right to wiretap or eavesdrop on anyone and have three days to tell the court about it. How does that slow you down?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I asked the same question to the people designing the program. I said, how come we can't use the procedures which you just described, and they said it won't work. It doesn't fit in with what Mike Hayden described as "hot pursuit." I have looked at this program from all angles, and my dilemma and my problem is I can't explain to you how it works in order to justify your question without telling the enemy what we are doing.

Shorter Bush: I asked my people why we couldn't obey the law and, when they said we couldn't, we went ahead and broke the law anyway. I'm sorry, but this is, without a doubt, an admission of guilt. And it wouldn't be his first.

Motion to Dismiss: Courts already ruled against Warrantless electronic surveillance - pt. 1

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The Introduction:

Pizza parlor owner Mohammed Hossain and Imam Yassin Aref were arrested in a pre-dawn raid on their homes and an Albany, NY Mosque Aug. 5, 2004. The story splashed across national headlines then quickly disappeared. The men had been trapped in a FBI sting operation after being enticed into laundering money by an informant the FBI had used to infiltrate the mosque in trade for reducing his sentencing on unrelated charges.

Last Friday, Jan 20, 2006, Aref's attorney Terence Kindlon filed motions in the US District Court for Northern New York to throw out the evidence against his client and dismiss all charges. Kindlon argues that all the evidence against his client is tainted by illegal and unconstitutional warrentless electronic surveillance authorized by the Bush Administration.

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